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When Horizon Forbidden West is released on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 next month, Aloy’s next chapter will begin. Half a year after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, the protagonist is back on the move, this time heading west to save the world from unknown threats. Round two of Aloy’s death-defying quest will feature new weapons and abilities, friends and foes, as well as robotic dinosaur foes, as was the case in the first game.

Publisher Sony and developer Guerilla Games have pushed back Horizon Forbidden West’s release date to February 2022 from its original target of late last year in order to ensure that the final product is the best it can be. If this is the case, Horizone Forbidden West is unquestionably one of the most anticipated PlayStation 5 games of the year so far.

Horizon Forbidden West release date

Horizon Forbidden West

Gamescom Opening Night Live 2021 saw Horizon Forbidden West game director Mathijs de Jonge announce a new release date for the upcoming adventure. It has been rescheduled for February 18th, 2022 instead.

As a result, the game’s release date has been pushed back from the original 2021 window. While developing the game, Jonge spoke about how the team’s work had “hugely impacted the global pandemic” “We’ve been adjusting to new workflows and other challenges,” Jorge explained, “while keeping our team safe and prioritizing a healthy work-life balance.”

Along with this, Sony and Guerrilla have confirmed that Horizon Forbidden West will be released next year for the PS4 and PS5.

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This game requires the PlayStation 5, and PS4 owners are the only ones who get to play it along with them

You’ll need a PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 to play Horizon Forbidden West when it launches, at least for the time being. Although Horizon Zero Dawn is available on PC, there are no guarantees that Horizon Forbidden West will follow in the footsteps of the previous game.

Herman Hulst, head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, said at the time, “To maybe put a few minds at ease, releasing one first-party AAA title to PC doesn’t necessarily mean that every game now will come to PC,” “In my opinion, Horizon Zero Dawn was the ideal game to play in this situation. [PC releases] are not scheduled in any way, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to “hardware” that serves a single purpose.

Horizon Forbidden West

A recent dev diary by game director Mathijs de Jonge echoed similar sentiments expressed by system architect Mark Cerny and other PS5 developers: “With the PS5’s SSD, there will be virtually no loading screens,” According to de Jonge, the PS5’s SSD means “With the PS5’s SSD, there will be virtually no loading screens,” A game like Horizon Forbidden West’s open-world design means that fast travel and restarting from a checkpoint will be extremely fast.”. First-time players are thrown right into the thick of things.”

De Jonge has also stated, which is interesting, that “A significant amount of development and playtesting has taken place on the PlayStation 4.” As a result, we’re doing everything we can to make sure that the game runs smoothly and looks great on that console.”

A free PS5 upgrade will be available to anyone who buys the game on PS4 in the future when they are ready to upgrade to the next-generation console.

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What is the story?

Guerrilla posted a teaser for Horizon Forbidden West on the PlayStation Blog, which you can read in full here.

Continuing her journey westward to a future America, Aloy must face a majestic but perilous frontier filled with incredible machines and unexplained dangers.

Horizon Forbidden West

While the trailer doesn’t reveal anything new, it does give us a better idea of what to expect. It is possible to see parts of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Palace of Fine Arts that have been destroyed and are now submerged in water in the background. Aloy’s father will take her on a journey around this new world, where she will meet other tribes and learn more about Sylens.

There is an in-game map that is “a bit bigger” than Horizon Zero Dawn’s ranges, according to the game’s director Mathijs de Jonge, who confirmed this.

Plants, animals, and tribes alike are being decimated by a crimson superstorm that is spreading across the Forbidden West at an alarming rate. Aloy sets out to find the source of the blight in the Forbidden West. During her journey to find a cure for the blight, she will encounter a hostile tribe that can override machines, as well as “dozens” of new machines.

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Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay

In addition to Aloy’s tried-and-true spear and bow, she now has a few new accouterments.

The narrative director at Guerrilla Games, Ben McCaw, says that “Aloy will have new tools to help her on her way”

“Diving Mask allows her to explore a new underwater world, while Shieldwing lets her safely descend from a great height (or surprise an enemy from above). That’s not even taking into account her Focus, which has been updated to show free-climbing areas and allow her to override more machines for mounts or combat purposes.”

“tactics and choice” in dealing with the new world’s challenges will be provided by a wide variety of weapons and gear.

Aloy will now be able to move and climb more easily thanks to the presence of grapple points all over the world. The verticality of some machines is enhanced by the ability to jump into the water.

Is there a trailer?

Final Words

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