Everything Everywhere All at Once Post Credit Scene: Is “Parts” Show It Never Needed a Stinger?


Is there a post-credits sequence in Everything Everywhere All At Once, perhaps one that teases a prospective sequel? Nowadays, it’s typical for movies to include anything in the credits, whether it’s a full-fledged post-credits scene hinting at a sequel or the upcoming release in an ongoing franchise or simply a quick splash on the screen for fun. For instance, The Batman launched a viral marketing website lately by briefly displaying the URL at the conclusion of its credits.

Credits scenes are typically only seen in superhero movies, but since Everything Everywhere At Once is a multiverse movie with characters that have special abilities, it kind of fits the bill for what a comic book movie would be like, if it were based on a comic. One story is wonderfully wrapped up in its conclusion, but there is still so much room for more. In that sense, Everything Everywhere All At Once should have a post-credits scene, but does it?

Everything Everywhere All at Once Post Credit Scene

In contrast to Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’s credits, Everything Everywhere All At Once does not have an end-credits scene or anything else that allows viewers to interact (such as a website to visit or a phone number to call). Instead of needing to set up the future, Everything Everywhere All At Once’s epilogue at the IRS building works as the true finale of the film.

Is “Parts” Show It Never Needed A Stinger?

Everything Everywhere All At Once is divided into several chapters, which separate the book’s main plot lines. Following in her daughter Joy’s footsteps, Evelyn accesses as many parallel universes as she can in order to strengthen herself so she can defeat Jobu Tupaki in “Everywhere,” which ties all the tales together, including those from the Alpha-Verse. Everything Everywhere All At Once finishes with the song “All At Once,” which highlights the movie’s epilogue in which the Wang family visits the IRS again to work with Deirdre Beaubeirdra to remedy their tax problems.

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Everything Everywhere All At Once demonstrates that the story is already complete, negating the need for a post-credits scene. Everything Everywhere All At Once’s ending, which neatly concludes everything and leaves no room for the plot to continue, is made possible by breaking the film into its distinct segments. This division also gave the film a clear beginning, middle, and end. The beginning of the novel presents Evelyn’s circumstance as well as the bizarre multiverse; in the conclusion, when she must finally confront the IRS, the plot circles back to this multiverse. In “Everywhere,” she explores her mind even more as she struggles to vanquish Jobu Tupaki. By the end of the film, this is also settled. The “All At Once” section brings Evelyn’s journey to an end, demonstrating that she has gained the bravery to confront the music head-on after experiencing every possible result of her choices.

The audience may have seen what transpired after Evelyn saved Joy in that sequence, which could have served as an Everything Everywhere All At Once end-credits scene (and ultimately saved the multiverse). Instead, it serves as a sort of film’s epilogue. Perhaps there will be an Everything Everywhere All At Once sequel at some time, but that doesn’t seem likely given the plot and the Daniels’ prior work, which has focused primarily on writing and directing amazing original concepts.

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Everything Everywhere All at Once ending explained

The conclusion of Everything Everywhere All at Once can be interpreted in a number of ways, including as a lecture on existentialism, a remark on familial love, or a metatext ploy by a writer gone crazy. Maybe each of these interpretations is accurate… There are an endless number of universes if it is true.

Everything Everywhere All at Once Post Credit Scene

Everything Everywhere All at Once reminds us that there is no use in making a big deal out of the things that separate us because anything that can happen will happen. because we’ve all done the same things in some other universe.

Like many deep stories, EEAAO comes to a straightforward conclusion. The Daniels conclude Everything Everywhere All at Once with a fairly cliché kiss between Jackie and you after you read the ending below.

The Everything Everywhere All at Once ending, in my opinion, was necessary for the plot. Consider this: the majority of the tale was absurd. The emotional resonance would have been lost if there had been any attempt at a crescendo.

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We receive character closure since Jackie and Winona’s relationship serves as the story’s foundation. Their relationship followed a definite trajectory from the brink of divorce to reunion.

This tactic is expanded upon in the movie version by including the entire family in the action. Consider how the video clip below functions even better than the script while you watch it.

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