Entertaining Board Games That Also Help You Boost Your Critical Thinking Skills

It literally is “all fun and games” sometimes, but some games test your judgement, skills, and the prowess of your brain like no other. They not only engage your mind to the fullest but also sharpen your ability to think. Here are some board games for you to polish your mind.


One of the most popular board games is chess. It is a timeless classic. People often engage in a friendly match of chess now and then, sometimes even before bed to relax their mind. This black-and-white-squared board game requires players to learn how all the pieces move on the grid. Learning their directions and special abilities increases memory and builds up your strategic thinking.

There are several combinations of moves that people master over time to pull a checkmate to win the game. Hence, playing chess at least once a week helps you strengthen your logical and critical thinking.


One of the best features of Mancala is that you can play it absolutely anywhere and everywhere. All you require are pits (or holes) and small objects like stones or marbles to put in the pits. As you take your stones to transfer them, one by one, to each pit in a process called “sowing”, you eventually learn many things.

Along with patience, you learn to observe your opponent’s move. But most importantly, you have to pick the right move by predicting the result of it early on. This game also calls for a slight flair in mathematics as you have to keep count of the rocks in the pits. No wonder it is a popular favourite amongst mathematicians!


This real-estate themed board game can be much more than what it looks like. It can even be a fun game for a group at a get-together. Monetary transaction can be a powerful tool to learn several skills that you need in real life. With the rolling of the dice, you get to pay rent, convince the bank to allow you loans, invest in and buy properties, pay taxes and more.

You have to constantly keep track of your finances and properties. And above all, you have to avoid bankruptcy. All these are enough to teach you important accounting and logical skills and improve your calculation. The game of Monopoly is very popular around the world. In fact, it is so popular that it has inspired numerous online games, including the creation of Monopoly Megaways.


It is a classic murder mystery game that probably says it all with its name. With different figure pieces, clue cards, bonus cards and more, players embark on a journey to solve a classic case of “whodunnit”. That is, players have to figure out the criminal who committed the murder. As you can guess, this game can take a significant amount of your time.

Hence, one cannot really indulge in a “quick round” of it. But the very basis of this game needs you to work out several types of clues with your opponents. This game makes pushes you to develop deductive skills, as you need to collect and piece together different information and clues.


This board game is a strategy game that requires you to invade the domain of your opponent on the other side of the board. It can have two, three, or four players. Each of them not only has to get to the other side one step at a time but also block their opponents from reaching their goals by creating labyrinths.

The interesting part is that players have limitations on how much they can block the others. Therefore, the level of problem-solving and strategic thinking that players need to have chances at Quoridor is immense. The more you play, the more your mind familiarizes itself with different moves and their outcomes. It also enables you to be able to predict the opponents’ move and improve your deduction skills.


A tremendously enjoyable family game, Pandemic is played on a board with the different continents on it. As the title suggests, it revolves around solving a global pandemic that starts with the rising cases of infections from four viruses. The job of the players is to stop it from reaching an irreparable outbreak.

With different cards and levels to this game, each player has their own role to play in it. However, the real fun lies in making use of the instructions on the cards to stop the viral outbreak. In fact, players need to coordinate rather than compete with one another, and discuss strategies and outcomes to save the world, and thus, humanity.


There are many games that you will be surprised to know are extremely useful to build strong critical and analytical skills. Playing one round every day can sharpen your brain, boost your strategic and logical thinking, and give you a quick (and useful) presence of mind. Time and time again, studies have proven how such games can help us achieve these practical skills. The next time your mind needs some good exercise, remember this boar games list!

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