Encanto Post Credit Scene: What is ‘Encanto’ About?


Disney’s most recent animated film, Encanto, was originally going to contain a post-credits scene, but it was ultimately removed. Jared Bush, the co-director of the film, has since posted the little sequence to Twitter.

Encanto centres on the Madrigals, a Colombian family who, with the exception of Mirabel, all possess magical abilities (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz). Mirabel decides to find a cure after learning that her family members are losing their power.

Chispi the capybara, a recurring character in the movie and a friend of Mirabel’s brother Antonio (who has the ability to communicate with animals), appears in the post-credits sequence that was cut. He is shown being drenched in water in the brief film after attempting to urinate on the walls of the Madrigals’ enchanted home.

The decision to end the film on the emotion and happiness of the family coming back together was made after considering an after-credits joke. Bush clarified in a tweet that was posted next to the incident. “But Darrin Butters, who is hilarious, animated it! Here we go, then! I APPRECIATE EVERYONE WHO WATCHED WITH US!”

The song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” surpassed Frozen’s “Let It Go” to become Disney’s biggest single from an animated film since 1995. The movie has been a great blockbuster. The songs in the film were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who directed Hamilton. Additionally, it was nominated for three Golden Globes this year, taking home the prize for Best Animated Feature Film.

Disney Plus presently has Encanto available for streaming. If you’ve already watched it, have a look at our list of the top Disney Plus movies available right now if you haven’t.

Encanto Post Credit Scene

The newest animated film from Disney, Encanto, is currently playing in theatres and has a lot to offer. Children, teenagers, and adults who have taken the time to see the priceless film and all of its charm have given it a lot of positive comments already. Others are eagerly anticipating the movie’s imminent Disney Plus release.

There are so many touching moments in this incredibly charming film. It’s a great alternative for the whole family to enjoy together as a result. Many eager moviegoers are currently wondering if Encanto has a post-credit scene worth sticking around for. What you need to know is as follows.

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Is There a Post-Credits Scene in “Encanto”?

There are several great movies with post-credit scenes that are fun to see. This is something Marvel is notorious for doing! With regard to characters, antagonists, plots, and more, it will offer signals about what will happen next in the MCU.

In light of this, those who intend to watch Encanto are interested to learn if there will be a post-credit scene to enjoy.

It’s a shame there won’t be! It has been confirmed, according to Just Jared, that there isn’t a bonus sequence before the credits, after the credits, or anywhere else in the movie. Following the conclusion of the film, viewers are free to leave without worrying that they will miss something exciting.

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What is ‘Encanto’ About?

Encanto doesn’t have a post-credit scene, but the rest of the film is unquestionably still worth watching. There’s a reason why so many people adore its endearing premise, and there’s a reason why Disney decided to commit a staggering $120 million to its budget. This film’s animation alone is amazing, with some of the most exquisite artwork mixed into the various scenarios.

The beautiful tale Encanto explores what it means to discover your life’s purpose. The protagonist, Mirabel, is disappointed that she is the only member of her family without a special talent or gift. She feels like an outcast, and since everyone else in her family has magical abilities, she wonders if she even belongs in her family.

Encanto Post Credit Scene

In the end, it seems that her lack of magical abilities is startlingly advantageous to the people in her life. She is a member of the Madrigal family, and when it becomes apparent that the magic encircling their lovely land is in jeopardy, she understands that she must take action to rescue the day.

The animation setting of this tale takes place in a fictional but quaint village nestled in Colombia’s stunning mountains. The deep themes of family, self-love, and acceptance that are woven throughout this film stand out strongly. Whether or not there is a post-credits sequence, this Disney movie is still very much worth seeing.

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Final Words

Encanto was originally going to have a post-credits scene, but it was cut. Jared Bush, the co-director of the film, has since posted the little sequence to Twitter. Encanto doesn’t have a post-credits scene. It has been confirmed, according to Just Jared, that there isn’t a bonus sequence before the credits or after the credits. The rest of the film is still worth watching, and Disney’s animation alone is amazing.

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