Drifters Season 2 Release Date: Why Still, There Is Not Any Official Confirmation ?

Drifters Season 2 Release Date

Drifters, which was called Dorifutazu in Japan, was one of the most popular anime shows of the fall of 2016. It has both historical figures and a funny story, so it is sure to be popular in Japan and the West.

Hirano Kouta, who is known for making Hellsing, is the one who made Drifters. Hirano has released the source material, which is 6 volumes of manga and 9 chapters that are not yet in Tankobon format. Keeping up with the latest news about the show has become a bit of a mystery.

There was a long time between each release, which kept people wanting more. But at the end of the 12th and last episode of the anime series Drifters, it said “To be continued. Sayonara” is the second season of Tokyo 20XX.

How could anyone not know what happens when Easy shows her ace in the hole, Akechi Mitshuhide, and what he wants with Oda Nobunaga? Even though the story moves forward in the manga series, it has stopped in the anime.

One can only wonder why the creators of Drifters won’t give us a second season sooner!

What We Know So Far About Drifters

In recent years, there has been a lot of “Isekai,” which means “another world.” Hirano Kouta’s “Drifters,” for example, made a lot of waves when it came out.

In an interview, he gave hints that he would publish his new work after Hellsing ended in October 2008. In 2009, he gave the world “Drifters,” which made everyone very happy.

Drifters Season 2 Release Date

In 2012, the last volume of the Hellsing Ultimate video series came with a short anime film based on the manga. This gave viewers a taste of what was to come.

Three years later, in the May 2015 issue of YKO, it was said that a Drifters anime show was in the works.

Fans were thrilled when the creators said that Suzuki Ken’ichi would direct the show and that NBC Universal Entertainment Japan would produce it.

Hoods Drifters Studios, an animation studio, said it was true, and they hired Kurata Hideyuki and Yosuke Kuroda as the writers. Nakamori Ryouji designed the characters and was in charge of the animation. In 2012, he was also the Animation Supervisor for the short film of 150 seconds.

The anime got great voice actors like Fairy Tail’s Nakamura Yuichi, One Punch Man’s Shimazu Toyohisa, One Piece’s Naoya Uchida, and many more.

What to Expect From Season 2 of Drifters

As was said, the anime series picked up where the manga series left off in Chapter 45. The 13th and 14th Episodes each covered half of Chapter 45 through 52, and the 15th Episode continues with Chapter 53 through the first half of Chapter 56.
There are a total of 79 chapters, and the anime series is based on about 20 of them. If one episode tells the story of four chapters and we get the manga series every six months or whenever Hirano wants.

The anime’s second season can’t be made because there isn’t enough of a plot for it. The most recent chapter of the manga series was again met with mixed reactions.

There was no battle, and Yoichi’s trauma was built up a lot. It was clear that Yoshitsune was scary and that he was a double agent. But there was no battle. This is a strange way for Hirano’s story to end, isn’t it?

So, we have to wait a long time for Season 2.

Official News About Season 2 of Drifters and Its Release Date

The first season ran from October to December 2016, and it had 12 episodes that were each 24 minutes long. In December 2017, episodes 13 and 14 were released as OVAs on Blu-ray Discs and DVD in regular and limited editions.

Many people think of them as the first two episodes of the second season. But the people who made it and the company that made it haven’t said anything official about it. In the episodes, there were some grim pictures of how the war with the Ortes turned out.

Fans of the show couldn’t wait to see what would happen next, but it took a whole year until Episode 15, which came out with the sixth volume of the manga.

With Akechi Mitsuhide as their leader, the Ends go to war and wipe out the nearby kingdoms. Seeing leaders and generals from different times in history fight and talk to each other was a lot of fun to watch.

Drifters Season 2 Release Date

The Black King’s plans for the start of the Dark Age now that humans have made progress because of the Drifters. General Jigmente’s and General Lemek’s armies are stopped by Nobunaga’s ability to think critically, while General Saint Germi meets Shylock to talk about making peace.

But it’s too bad that no one on the internet seems to have any news. The creators, their Twitter accounts, and the studios are all quiet, so we need to find other things to keep us happy for now.

We will start with information from the source material and then look at a number of real factors to see if a second season is possible or not.

More Information About the Sources for the Second Season of Drifters

If you’re an anime fan who really wants to know how your favorite anime came to be, the best place to look is in a manga or light novel.

Mangas have been used to make animes for a long time, and Hirano’s Drifters is no different. The series is written by and drawn by Hirano Kouta.

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On April 30, 2009, it was first published in the Japanese magazine Young King Ours. Six volumes with 71 chapters and 9 chapters that are not yet in Tankobon format have been released in Japan and around the world.

According to his fans, Kouta is known for putting things off or leaving them unfinished. The last chapter of the manga was the same way.

Information about Drifters Season 2’s Reputation

People like to talk about Drifters season on the Internet. Since 2017, the number of people who like it keeps going up. We should see how many people are interested in it on the Internet.

People like to talk about Drifters season on the Internet. Since 2017, the number of people who like it keeps going up. We should see how many people are interested in it on the Internet.

The official Twitter page Of Drifters

The official Twitter account, @DriftersAnime, hasn’t been updated since Episode 15 and Volume 6 came out in 2018.

The content and information trend analytics company Kadokawa Ascii Research Laboratories looked at its tweets.

From November 24 to December 14, 2016, they counted tweets that said the name of the show or an abbreviation of it.

Drifters came in at number 9 on the Fall Anime Twitter Rankings with a total of 65,524 tweets.

Sengan-en and Shonen Gahosha, along with the World Heritage Site, put on a virtual tour of the Drifters art in September 2020.

Drifters Season 2 Release Date

Google Trends about Drifters Season 2

Google Trends shows that there was a huge rise in interest in anime in May 2019. Both anime and manga were making waves around the world.

But right after April 2020, it dropped quickly and has stayed low ever since.

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