DoorDash Account 2022: How to Deactivate Your DoorDash Account?


There are accounts that do not need to be maintained because they are no longer in use. In this instance, the account should be deactivated or deleted. Some platforms require you to temporarily disable the account before permanently removing it, making account deletion a nuisance. Not the case with this app.

DoorDash is a popular food delivery application. However, there are times when you have multiple delivery apps and wish to eliminate some of them. Or, you may begin cooking at home. Regardless of the cause, here’s how to delete your own DoorDash account.

Why Should You Delete Your DoorDash Account?

When an account is hardly used, it becomes more susceptible to hacking. It is more probable that your personal information will be compromised if you no longer use an account and neglect to remove it. There are compelling reasons to remove your DoorDash account if you are no longer using it, given the company’s access to your personal information:

  • By deactivating inactive accounts, the corporation will gain a better understanding of its active users in a given region.
  • If you deactivate your account and delete your information from the company’s system, there will be no danger of a data breach.
  • If you delete your old data from the system, other employees will not be able to use it against you unless you give them explicit permission to do so.
  • Given the foregoing, it is evident that you should delete any old, unused DoorDash accounts. You alone are responsible for protecting the privacy of your information; no one else will do it on your behalf.

DoorDash Account 2022

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How Do I Cancel My DoorDash Account?

There are numerous methods for deactivating your DoorDash account. This includes contacting customer service, filing a formal complaint, and cancelling the account from the official website. Here, we will cover the procedure for reactivating the account solely through the official website. This is how it works.

DoorDash Account 2022

Proceed to DoorDash’s Official Website.

  1. Utilize your ID and password to log in to your account on the internet.
  2. Tap on the “Menu” option in the upper-left corner of the page.
    Select “Accounts”
  3. Next, select “Account Management.” Here, you can archive or preserve your DoorDash account data prior to deactivation.
  4. Tap “Delete Account” now.
  5. A verification code will be printed to your registered ID. Enter the code, then press “Verify.”
    Select “Continue.”
  6. Tap “Delete Account” again. Now, your account has been deactivated successfully.

Using the official website, you can delete your DoorDash account in this manner. Although this is not the only way to deactivate your DoorDash account, it is the most straightforward. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below.

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