Don’t Breathe 3: Will There Be a Third Don’t Breathe Film?

Don’t Breathe 2’s post-credits scene suggested that Norman Nordstrom may not have died yet. What is the status of Don’t Breathe 3?

Both “Don’t Breathe” and “Don’t Breathe 2,” which grossed over 157 million and 47 million dollars, respectively, at the box office, were extremely well-liked among moviegoers (via BoxOfficeMojo). But are these figures sufficient for a third instalment in this horror franchise?

Who Would Appear in Don’t Breathe 3?

Since it is unknown whether “Don’t Breathe 3” will ever be made, it is unknown which actors will appear in it. Based on the events of “Don’t Breathe” and “Don’t Breathe 2,” it seems likely that either Stephen Lang as Norman Nordstrom or Madelyn Grace as Phoenix will return.

We do not yet know if Jane Levy, who played Rocky, could return. Regardless, if “Don’t Breathe 3” is produced, there should be some new faces on the set.

The Don’t Breathe 3 Plot

Madelyn Grace introduced us to Phoenix, nicknamed Tara, in “Don’t Breathe 2.” A third party could provide more information regarding her future career.

Can she adapt to living in the orphanage? What will occur now that her biological father has been murdered?

It is also plausible that Norman survived the struggle with Raylan (Brendan Sexton III) because the scene over the credits revealed that it was not his final hour.

So, might Don’t Breathe 3 be another film starring Stephen Lang? Even though Norman warned Phoenix to keep away from him, will the two ever meet again?

One may also argue that “Don’t Breathe 3” bridges the eight years between the first and second instalments of the story.

How did Norman overcome the events involving Rocky (Jane Levy), Alex (Dylan Minnette), Money (Daniel Zovatto), and Cindy (Franciska Torocik)? Was he intending to exact revenge on Rocky? At least he did not inform the police of her existence. Only “Don’t Breathe 3” could reveal what comes next…

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When Could “Don’t Breathe 3” Be Released?

Since it is currently unclear whether there will be another “Don’t Breathe” film, moviegoers will have to wait.

The first instalment of “Don’t Breathe” was released in 2016, however the sequel did not debut in German theatres until 2021. Even if the horror franchise did not want us to wait another five years, Don’t Breathe 3 should not be released before the middle or end of 2023. As long as no formal word exists, this is merely speculation.

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Is There Going to Be a Don’t Breathe 3?

Screen Gems and Stage 6 Films have not yet released a statement regarding Don’t Breathe 3. Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues, on the other hand, have expressed interest in continuing the story. Don’t Breathe 3 may or may not be produced based on the commercial success of the current sequel.

It is rumoured to have a budget of only $15 million, so the projected $30-$45 million it requires to break even at the box office is not a very high bar to clear.

If studios want to develop a second Don’t Breathe film, Don’t Breathe 2 will have to perform as well as the original.

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Frequent Requested Information

Where was the filming of Don’t Breathe 2?

Principal photography began on August 7, 2020, in Belgrade, Serbia, and concluded on October 8, 2020. Sony Pictures Releasing will release Don’t Breathe 2 in United States theatres on Friday, August 13, 2021. The film has grossed $47 million worldwide and received mixed reviews from critics.

What was Don’t Breathe 2’s opening day gross?

Don’t Breathe 2 was released in the United States and Canada at the same time as Free Guy and Respect. In 3,002 theatres, it was anticipated to earn between $8 million and $12 million in its first weekend. On its opening day, the film earned $4.4 million. Thursday evening previews generated $965,000. In its first week, it earned $10,6 million, which was second only to Free Guy.

Will There Be a Third Don’t Breathe Film?

If the aim is to continue releasing these films in August, Don’t Breathe 3 may not be released until 2023. Don’t Breathe 3 may have actors from both of the previous films.


Even though Norman (Brendan Sexton III) was slain by Raylan, the scene after the credits demonstrated that it was not Norman’s final day. The release of the third instalment of the Don’t Breathe series should not occur until the middle or end of 2023.

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