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Holly Forbes has been a huge hit on “The Voice” because of her amazing voice and amazing performances. Holly recently thanked her fans for helping her make it to the list of the top 13 contestants. Fans have noticed that she is bald since she was on the singing reality show, and they are now wondering if she has cancer. So, here we are with answers!

Does The Voice’s Holly Forbes Have Cancer?

Holly Forbes does not have cancer, which is a good thing. When she tried out for season 21 of “The Voice,” the Kentucky girl made a lot of people take notice.

During the blind audition, she turned the chairs of all four judges and won the hearts of fans. Holly chose to join Kelly Clarkson’s team because she has a huge range as a singer, an interesting stage presence, and a lot of talent.

The singer has shown her worth over and over again this season. Both the fans and the judges have been blown away by her performances. Even though Holly did a great job in the knockout round, Kelly chose Girl Named Tom over her, and Ariana Grande didn’t waste any time asking Holly to join her team instead.

Does Holly Forbes Have Cancer

Even though people love her performances, there have been questions about how she looks. There have been rumors that the singer has cancer because chemotherapy often causes people to lose their hair.

Fans have also thought that Holly might have another illness, and they are very worried about one of the best contestants on season 21 of “The Voice.” We’ve looked into Holly’s life and studied her details, and we’re happy to say that the singer does not have cancer.

But the caregiver, who is 30 years old, has been sick since she was very young. Reports say that Holly has been having seizures on and off since she was 11 years old. They got so bad that she had to go to the doctor, so she got to try a lot of different medicines at a young age.

Holly’s hair stopped growing because of the medicine, and she lost a lot of hair until she had none left. At first, it was hard for Holly to deal with because it made her feel bad about herself. She said, though, that music and singing gave her the strength and courage she needed to get her confidence back. Holly has lost her hair since she was a child, but the way she deals with it is very inspiring.

The talented singer and mother of two kids, Violet and Oliver, doesn’t try to hide her situation, and her never-give-up attitude keeps pushing her toward success. So, Holly Forbes is very deserving of all the praise she is getting right now, and we wish her luck in everything she does in the future.

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Who Is ‘The Voice’ Holly Forbes?

Holly Forbes is a singer who was recently on NBC’s reality show The Voice. Since then, she has become more well-known. Holly grew up in Ashland, Kentucky, which is in the U.S. She has loved singing since she was a child, and she also plays the piano.


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Holly Forbes tried out for The Voice 2021. She was chosen, and all four judges liked her, so she ended up on Team Ariana. Now, her journey on “The Voice” is going very well. She has made it to the top 13 and is getting a lot of praise from the viewers.

Aside from her journey on “The Voice,” not much is known about her life. But based on how good she sounds, it won’t be long before she’s all over the web.

She does more than just sing; she also cares for people and patients who have developmental disabilities. About her family, it looks like she has more than just her partner and their children, as we can see in the audition clip.

How Old Is Holly Forbes?

“The Voice” is a singing competition. Holly Forbes and her husband, Seth Carey, used to play small gigs, but this is the first time in her life that she has been noticed on such a big stage. Holly Forbes is currently 31 years old. On August 15, 1990, her birthday, she has a party with her family and close friends.

How Tall Is Holly Forbes?

We don’t know Holly’s exact height, but based on how she looks in the show, she’s not that tall and looks a little bit overweight. Her body is kind of round. We also don’t know what her exact weight is.

Holly Forbes Net Worth

Holly Forbes has only been in the news since her performance on “The Voice.” Before this, she was just a regular person who loved music and played small gigs while also caring for people with developmental disabilities.


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So, she hasn’t made a lot of money yet, but after The Voice, her singing career might do pretty well. Holly Forbes, from “The Voice,” is thought to have a net worth of between $100,000 and $200,000.

Who Is Holly Forbes Husband?

Holly Forbes isn’t married yet, but she and her boyfriend, Seth Carey, recently got engaged. About six weeks ago, Holly posted that her boyfriend Seth had asked her to marry him, and she can’t wait to be Mrs. Carey.

But they already have two kids, Violet and Oliver, together. Seth, who will soon be her husband, has been very supportive of her singing, and he also seems to be interested in music.

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