Does Batman Begins Have a Post Credit Scene? How Many Post-credits Sequences Are There in the Batman?


Batman’s post-credits sequence is not what you would anticipate from a new superhero film. In lieu of a sequence at the very conclusion of the film, as is customary for Marvel and DC films, there is something else.

The question therefore is whether it is worthwhile to watch The Batman credits in order to discover the movie’s mysteries. Because there is a secret, that much is certain, but it will require some decoding. Scroll down for everything you need to know about The Batman’s post-credits scenes; however, there are spoilers for the film directed by Matt Reeves farther below.

How Many Post-credits Sequences Are There in the Batman?

There is a moment similar to The Batman’s post-credits scene… At the conclusion of the closing credits, something occurs. However, calling it a “scene” is a bit of a stretch; you’ll just have to wait and see. However, we can confirm that it adds nothing to the plot and does not build up a sequel, so you can safely skip it if you don’t want to spend a few extra minutes watching it. And, frankly, you may be somewhat dissatisfied if you do sit through the entire thing, given that it refers to something that is now obsolete…

After the end credits of The Batman, the screen displays “Goodbye?” in bright green type, followed by a jumble of pictures resembling the Riddler’s cypher. Eventually, some text appears so quickly that you could miss it if you blinked. It is a link to the Riddler’s website as shown in “Ratatouille” (which translates to “winged rat”).

The first version required users to solve three puzzles. By entering the answers (“Mask,” “Renewal,” and “Confusion,” together with the final password “promise”), you were able to access a mini-movie: Thomas Wayne’s mayoral campaign film, with commentary from Riddler.

The painted word “HUSH!” on Thomas Wayne’s face could be a reference to the comics, in which Thomas Elliot is Bruce Wayne’s childhood pal Hush. Elliot blames Thomas Wayne for preventing him from murdering his parents in order to inherit their riches, and finally joins himself with the Ridder and adopts the alias ‘Hush’.

Thomas Elliot is the journalist that investigates the Wayne family’s background in the film The Batman, but they are allegedly murdered by Carmine Falcone. Could they resurface as a future antagonist in future Batman films? We must watch and wait.

As soon as The Batman was released in theatres, the Rataalada website was updated. The Riddler’s website no longer prompted you to answer questions. Instead, some Matrix-like code appeared briefly before vanishing, and then a link to another page (still active as of this writing) emerged (opens in new tab). Follow the link to arrive at the page labelled “It’s Not Over Yet,” which contains an image that must be decoded.

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What Does It Indicate? Gives Away the Answer:

“You believe I’m done, but you may not know the whole truth. Every conclusion marks a new beginning. Coming soon is something.”

On this edition of the Ratalaada website, there was an additional clue indicating R-potential Batz’s future. This green writing like the Matrix that appeared before the link to the Riddler’s encryption was a clue.

These numbers are not arbitrary. According to a Reddit user, they each represent a pivotal period in Bat-history.

The date corresponds to May 27, 1939, the date Detective Comics #27 was published. That was not so coincidentally Batman’s first ever appearance. The remainder refers to, in sequence, Catwoman and Joker’s debut, Penguin’s first appearance, Riddler’s first appearance, Falcone’s first appearance, and Alfred’s first appearance.

These individuals are all crucial to The Batman, but the final piece of code is particularly intriguing and hints at a sequel. The October 1974 edition of Batman #258 featured Two-escape Face’s from Arkham. Don’t be too astonished if Harvey Dent appears in the near future.

After the text screen, a countdown began, and when it concluded, you were able to download a reward from the website. When you click the link (which opens in a new tab), a Zip file containing several photographs will begin downloading.

In addition, there is a note from the Riddler that reads: “You’ve reached this point. Now, let’s assess your willingness to learn more. While you uncover all that has not yet been disclosed, I am safe here. With my new companion. We shall meet you soon.”

The website then transitioned to another set of three riddles. The first asks, “It’s not a joke, but sometimes you have to yell something twice for it to be taken seriously.” The response? Ha. As in ‘haha’.

The second was more straightforward: “For example, a true wild card.” Joker is the obvious response to that question. The third was, “Once you’re set up, it hits you straight on in the end.” It took us a moment, but the correct response is punchline.

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After solving the puzzles, a deleted scene featuring the Joker became accessible. In the sequence, which would have occurred quite early in the film, Batman enlists the assistance of the Joker to profile the Riddler. Observe below.

In the end, The Batman did have a post-credits scene; however, the scene is from the middle of the film and would have made little sense after the credits rolled. Director Matt Reeves previously explained to Total Film why the deleted sequence was eliminated.

“It was just one of those instances when, over the course of the film, other sequences performed the same function as the deleted scene, therefore it was unnecessary. However, as a solo, this scene is frightening, creepy, and cool “He elucidated.

After the deleted scene was unlocked, the Gotham City Police Department eventually took control of the Ratalaada website, preventing Riddler from sending any more messages. It was enjoyable while it lasted.

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