Does Aquaman Have a Post Credit Scene: Did Johnny Depp Get Heard Role Aquaman?


There is one post-credits scene in the superhero movie Aquaman by Warner Bros. The scene references the film while also setting up the possible conflict for Aquaman’s prospective follow-up, should one be produced.

Superhero films now often include credits scenes as a way for producers and directors to acknowledge and thank the ardent fandoms that support their comic book-based projects. In fact, every recent Marvel Studios film has had at least one post-credits scene. Marvel, for instance, routinely employs them to tease impending villains and heroes as well as to make movie-related references.

Does Aquaman Have a Post Credit Scene

Does Aquaman Have a Post Credit Scene

The film’s final scene, which takes place during the mid-credits sequence, is set in a coastal shack owned by Randall Park’s character, Doctor Stephen Shin, a marine biologist who frequently appears on TV news programmes to defend the existence of the Atlantean kingdom because, apparently, Aquaman’s notoriety following the Justice League wasn’t strong enough to persuade people. Soon, it becomes clear that Shin has a home guest: Black Manta, who we presume was saved by the doctor after Arthur defeated him in Sicily. Doctor Shin questions Manta about his interactions with Aquaman and Mera as soon as he wakes up. The two agree to a deal, or squid pro quo, whereby Manta will take Shin to Atlantis in exchange for Shin’s assistance in killing Aquaman.

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Doctor Shin and Arthur have a tense relationship in the comics. Doctor Shin, a marine biologist who was first featured in 2011’s Aquaman #3, shares similarities with his on-screen counterpart in his obsession with finding Atlantis, but this film omits Shin’s close relationship to the Curry family. Although the movie makes it clear that Willam Dafoe’s Vulko was Arthur’s teacher, in Aquaman’s New 52 origin, Shin was a friend of Arthur’s father, Tom, who really assisted the young man in mastering his Atlantean abilities.

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After Doctor Shin attempted to kill Arthur for refusing to reveal the location of Atlantis, Shin and Arthur’s friendship eventually soured in the New 52. However, while collaborating with Doctor Shin to exterminate a deadly species of sea animals known as The Trench, Arthur and Shin gave that awkward hatchet a burial at sea.
Doctor Shin may not always pose a threat to Aquaman, but the fact that he joins forces with Black Manta in the mid-credits sequence does not augur well for the newly crowned ruler of Atlantis, particularly if it ends up drawing from the “The Others” arc from 2012. There, Shin recruited Black Manta to take a sample of Arthur’s blood to show the world that he was an Atlantean; however, Manta instead tried to assassinate Arthur.

Tom, Arthur’s father, intervened to defend him and afterwards passed away from a heart attack. Tom Curry and perhaps even Atlanna could be good targets for Black Manta and Doctor Shin to go after in the sequel as it is already known that Black Manta is seeking revenge against Aquaman for allowing his father to die in the movie’s opening sequence.

Does Aquaman Have a Post Credit Scene

It would be sad for us and for their son Arthur if Tom and Atlanna’s star-crossed romance were to dissolve permanently after their touching reunion at the conclusion of Aquaman. Given that we are unsure of the various subterranean antagonists we may see waging war on Atlantis in the sequel, Arthur’s struggle to strike a balance between his new responsibilities as king and his desire to defend his family on dry land would be an intriguing approach to continue the story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the Guy at the End of Aquaman?

About five minutes into the credits, a scene appears that reveals Black Manta is still alive after his fight with Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and introduces Dr. Stephen Shin, a new antagonist played by Randall Park.

Is There a Bonus Scene in Aquaman?

Yes, “Aquaman” contains an additional sequence that appears halfway through the credits. In this mid-credits sequence, Randall Park’s alarmist pundit character, Dr. Shin, who had a brief cameo early in the movie, is given a fateful glimpse into the future.

Did Johnny Depp Get Heard Role Aquaman?

Depp stated in court on Wednesday that he was the one who secured Amber the part in the DC movie, which also happens to be the most significant role of her acting career.

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