Doctor Strange 2 Post Credit Scene Girl: Latest Update 2022!


Now that Multiverse of Madness is available on Disney Plus, it’s likely that the Doctor Strange 2 post-credits sequence will be the first scene you skip to. It not only introduces you-know-who to the MCU, but it might also be the first step in building up Marvel’s next major event film. In a recent interview with Total Film, Kevin Feige teased that further information on the MCU’s next story will appear “in the coming months,” but the ball may have already been rolling. You can thank a certain Supreme Sorcerer for this.

Obviously, there are visitors to Multiverse of Madness for the very first time. Hello! If you’re curious about what occurs beyond the credits, we have a comprehensive description of Doctor Strange 2’s post-credits sequences, including how many there are, what happens, and what it could all signify.

How Many Post-credits Sequences Are in Doctor Strange 2?

There are two post-credits scenes in Doctor Strange 2. The first one follows the typical Marvel credits sequence (featuring the names of all the major actors). The second occurs approximately three to four minutes after the closing credits conclude. If you’re in a hurry, only the first Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scene is relevant to the plot if you’ve already seen the film.

Under the next topic, big Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness spoilers will be discussed. If you do not wish to know what happens in the two after-credits sequences, please turn around.

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Explanation of the Doctor Strange 2 Post-credits Scene *spoilers

The first Doctor Strange 2 post-credits sequence begins immediately after the film’s main finale and appears to resolve the sequel’s cliffhanger. What happened to the third eye of Doctor Strange? At the very least, the ex-Supreme Sorcerer has the problem with the evil magic under control for the time being.

However, he does not have control over his new visitor. Doctor Strange is walking along a New York street when a woman in purple (named in the credits as ‘Clea’ and portrayed by Charlize Theron) approaches him and informs him that “he caused an invasion… and we’re going to rectify it.”


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Clea rips a hole in reality, creating a passageway to her destination in space. Clea inquires, “Unless you’re scared?” Without wasting a beat and revealing his third eye, Strange responds, “Not in the least.”

What does this signify for Doctor Strange and the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Earlier in the film, Incursions were described as a catastrophic occurrence in which two universes collide. This is why Doctor Strange proved so harmful in the Illuminati universe. He was searching for a universe in which he and Christine could be together, but he ended up combining two universes, erasing realities, and killing trillions of people.

Doctor Strange 3 – or whatever’s next for Stephen – will certainly include Strange teaming up with Clea to combat whatever threats are crossing universes. Expect an abundance of cosmic obstacles, psychedelic CGI monsters, and maybe more multiverse crossovers.

It may even lead to an adaptation of 2015’s Secret Wars, a comic book narrative in which Marvel’s “main” 616 universe and the Ultimate universe collided after their own incursions, with Doctor Doom picking up the pieces and creating a world of his own. Expect it to be handled in some form in Marvel Phase 4 as well, given that fans continue to bring it up.

Clea, meanwhile, will certainly be a big factor in the future. She originates from the Dark Dimension (at least in the comics) and is an incredibly adept sorceress. Additionally, she has a sexual relationship with Stephen Strange and becomes his disciple at the Sanctum Sanctorum.

In the MCU, though, they look to be on a more equal footing, and there is a possibility that the two will fall in love. Now, kudos to anyone who has Charlize Theron on their Doctor Strange 2 cameo bingo card. Through this site, you can learn more about Clea’s comic book past.


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“We knew we wanted to add Clea,” Doctor Strange 2 author Michael Waldron told Gizmodo recently (opens in new tab). “In the comics, she is Strange’s great love, but I felt that at the beginning of our film, Strange was not yet ready to meet the love of his life.

We felt compelled to complete the circle with him and Christine Palmer. After she advises him not to be afraid of loving someone, we felt it was appropriate to hint to a potential relationship between he and Clea.”

Theron took to social media less than a week after the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to post a purple-dressed red carpet shot of herself with the message, “The cat’s out of the bag.” Many interpreted Clea’s attire (and characteristic eye makeup) as a public acknowledgement of her MCU debut.

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A few days later, the Atomic Blonde actress uploaded a close-up photo displaying Clea’s dramatic eyeliner and a still from the film depicting herself and Benedict Cumberbatch in superhero mode.

There, Theron was not finished either. A short time later, she posted a behind-the-scenes photo of her on the set of Doctor Strange 2(opens in a new tab).

In the second post-credits sequence, Bruce Campbell returns to the Pizza Poppa from the universe of “Red Means Go.” Campbell’s persona turns to the camera and yells, “It’s over!” as the effects of Strange’s spell begin to wear off.

Even if we would like to see Pizza Poppa return, there are no MCU setups or sequel teases here. It simply continues Campbell’s collaboration with filmmaker Sam Raimi. The actor has appeared in multiple films directed by Sam Raimi, most notably the Evil Dead series. He has even played little parts in the Spider-Man trilogy.

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