Doc Martin Season 10 Release Date: Is It Renewed or Cancelled For Season 10?


The tenth and last season of the popular drama series created by Martin Clunes is titled Doc Martin. Therefore, it will be bittersweet for viewers when the show returns to ITV in the fall of 2022, only to conclude with a Christmas special.

Since 2004, the drama based in the Cornish village of Portwenn has been a regular feature of ITV’s schedules, and its popularity has risen worldwide, from Scandinavia and Australia to Spain and Italy. Martin Clunes has enjoyed travelling to Cornwall to film Doc Martin for the past 18 years.

He says, “I’m excited to return for the tenth and last season this year.” Dr. Martin Ellingham has been portrayed by Martin Clunes for over two decades. Cornwall residents, and Port Isaac residents in particular, have been incredibly supportive throughout production.

When is Season 10 of Doc Martin Premiering?

According to TheTealMango, one of Cornwall’s most popular dramas, Doc Martin, has carved out a niche for itself in the comedy genre. Due to the series, the unusual and memorable attitude of the grumpy doctor Martin has become a fan favourite.

For all the viewers awaiting the return of their favourite doctor, the show offers an intriguing update. On October 17, the much anticipated tenth season of Doc Martin will premiere on television. Acorn TV will broadcast the upcoming season online.

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What Can We Expect From Season 10 of Doc Martin?

The Doc decided to resign his position as Portwenn’s doctor after the conclusion of Doc Martin’s final season in 2019 after the General Medical Council evaluated his medical profession due to his fear of blood.

In this final season of Doc Martin, Doc makes an effort to overcome his anxiousness and begins to question whether or not he made the right decision by retiring. We anticipate that his home will be fairly chaotic during this season because he and his wife Louisa have previously welcomed James Henry’s four-year-old sister Mary Elizabeth.

Louisa pursues her new work as a child counsellor at the doctor’s former office, while the doctor is left to fix clocks on the kitchen table while holding the baby. However, is his longing for his former position genuine? Due to The Doc’s retirement in the previous season, Martin Clunes explains, “The Doc is left holding the baby – literally! – as he and Louisa welcome their second child, daughter Mary Elizabeth.” He begins to question whether his resignation was the correct decision.

Doc Martin Season 10 Release Date

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The Cast of Season 10 of Doc Martin

In season 10 of Doc Martin, Martin Clunes reprises his role as Dr. Martin Ellingham, a grumpy doctor with an aversion to blood and a brusque bedside manner in the fictional Cornish coastal village of Portwenn.

Martin Clunes has portrayed DCI Colin Sutton in a number of successful series in recent years, including Manhunt and Manhunt season 2. He has also hosted other ITV travel shows, including Islands of the Pacific opposite Martin Clunes.

Tenth Season of Doc Martin Trailer

Below is the trailer for season 10 of Doc Martin.

Season 9 Recap of Doc Martin

The General Medical Council investigated Martin in the previous episode. Surgeon Bernard Newton (Tom Conti) arrives in Portwenn at the end of the episode to evaluate the physician and his practise.

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He loathed having to return home and inform his wife Louisa of his resignation (Caroline Catz). When he arrived at the residence, Louisa informed him that she was pregnant. After Series 9 concluded, more unanswered questions remained than before. Season 10 appears to provide a multitude of solutions.

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In the fall of 2022, Doc Martin will return to ITV, only to conclude with a Christmas special. Since 2004, the drama based in the Cornish community of Portwenn has been broadcast on ITV.

On October 17, Season 10 will premiere on television, and Acorn TV will stream the forthcoming season. As he and Louisa welcome their second child, a daughter named Mary Elizabeth, the Doc is left cuddling the infant. Dr. Martin Ellingham dislikes blood and has a brusque bedside style.

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