Dj Yella Net Worth: How Did He Get So Rich?

DJ Yella is a Compton, California-based American rapper, DJ, record producer, and film director. He and Dr. Dre were members of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru. He later became a member of the groundbreaking gangsta rap group N.W.A.

Early Life

Antoine Carraby was born on December 11th, 1967 in the city of Compton, in the state of California. Carnaby is from a family of African-American ancestry.

Dj Yella Net Worth

Since she was a little child, Yella has always had a strong interest in music. He was exposed to funk music throughout his childhood and eventually learned to play the drums. When Yella was still a teenager, she would play in a number of bars in the Los Angeles area.


DJ Yella began his career in music by performing as a DJ in the nightclubs of the Los Angeles area. Yella first met the rapper Dr. Dre during those times, and they became fast friends. Yella took the stage moniker “DJ Yella.”

Both the tune “Slice” and the song “Kru Groove” were released by DJ Yella in the year 1984. The band ‘World Class Wreckin’ Cru’ made their debut the following year with the release of their self-titled debut extended play (EP). The ‘Kru-Cut’ record label was responsible for its distribution.

Straight Outta Compton, the first studio album released by NWA, was co-produced by Yella and released in 1988. He was responsible for the album’s production and also contributed to the drum programming of various tracks across the record.

Niggaz4Life was the second studio album issued by NWA, and it was also their last. It was released in 1991. It was DJ Yella who was responsible for producing the album. He was involved in the writing of the lyrics for a number of the songs on the album.

Dj Yella Net Worth

In 1996, Yella released “One Mo Nigga ta Go,” his first and only album under his own name as a solo artist. Since Eazy-E had passed away a year before the album’s release, he decided to dedicate it to his memory.

After this, Yella decided to end her career in music. He launched his own production company for adult films. Yella is responsible for the production of more than 300 pornographic films. This company was forced to close its doors as well after a period of time.

How Did Dj Yella Get So Rich?

Compton, California is the location where Antoine was born on December 11th, 1967. That’s what we mean when we talk about being at the right place at the right moment. While he was still a child, the music genre known as gangsta rap was just beginning to gain popularity, and Jerry Heller, a producer, was instrumental in bringing this new sound to the attention of the general public. In addition to working with Dr. Dre and Michelle, DJ Yella was responsible for producing some of the most iconic recordings by Eazy-E.

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After an extended hiatus, DJ Yella made her triumphant return to the music scene in 2011. The following year, he came out with his brand new studio album titled West Coastin’. The RIAA has awarded the album One Mo Nigga ta Go with its Golden certification, which is their highest honor. It is thought that his success in the music industry has had a significant impact on his net worth; nevertheless, not all of his money comes from hip hop.

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Antoinne Carraby worked on adult film production throughout the lengthy sabbatical he took. He had a hand in more than 300 of them. DJ Yella made an appearance at the premiere of the film Straight Outta Compton in the year 2015. And this does not come as a surprise to us. After all, this movie was also about how successful he was in his younger years.

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Dj Yella Marital Status and Affairs

Do you know who he is currently engaged to be with? In order to satisfy your appetite for knowledge, a few details from his private life have been presented here. The details on the affair, marital status, hobbies, and others are included in the table that is located below. In this section, we will discuss his favourite things, such as his favorite personalities, activities, and so on. You can learn about various details, including marital status, by consulting the table that is provided below.

Dj Yella Net Worth

Dj Yella Net Worth and Salaries

According to celebrity net worth, he have a net worth of 1 million. What is the exact sum that Dj Yella has amassed in their net worth? What is his annual income? It is common knowledge that a person’s salary and assets are subject to fluctuation throughout time. The purpose of the following table is to provide you with an estimate of his total assets as well as his annual pay. A handful of contentious facts have also been supplied in this article. It is estimated that Dj Yella has a net worth of $2 million.

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