Divya Narendra’s Net Worth 2022: How Did Divya Narendra’s Beta Version Launch Sumzero?


Entrepreneurial American Divya Narendra. Divya Narendra is the co-founder and current CEO of SumZero, a platform that facilitates communication between investors in hedge, mutual, and private equity funds. However, Divya’s affiliation with Mark Zuckerberg and the initial Facebook is what has made him the most recognisable.

Together with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, he co-founded the social networking website ConnectU in 2002. Mark Zuckerberg joined the team and assumed a partnership role shortly thereafter. When Zuckerberg established Facebook.com in 2004, the Winklevoss twins and Narendra were on one side of a legal dispute he had initiated.

Divya Narendra Childhood

Narendra was born in the Bronx, New York, on March 18, 1982. He was raised in Bayside, Queens, and is the eldest child of two doctors who emigrated from India to the United States: Sudhanshu Narendra and Dharamjit Narendra Kumar.

He graduated from Townsend Harris High School in Flushing, Queens, before enrolling at Harvard University in 2000. He earned a degree in applied mathematics in 2004.

What is Divya Narendra’s Net Worth?

Divya Narendra of celebritynetworth estimates that an American businesswoman is worth $80 million.


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Divya Narendra is the co-founder and current CEO of SumZero, a platform that facilitates communication between hedge, mutual, and private equity fund investors. However, Divya’s affiliation with Mark Zuckerberg and the initial Facebook is what has made him the most recognisable.

Divya Narendra Profession

While still a student, he conceived up and named the social networking website Harvard Connections. This platform finally went live on May 21, 2004, under the name ConnectU, after being postponed. Before it was shut down, it was a pretty well-liked online community for Harvard students.

In July 2006, after completing his studies, he departed the organisation. In June of 2004, he began his career with Credit Suisse as an Analyst. Until August 2007, he was an Associate in the Valuation Group at Sowood Capital Management, where he began working in July 2006.

In September 2007, he and his Harvard friend Aalap Mahadevia co-founded his first company, SumZero, Inc. This website hosts one of the largest online investment communities. Divya has been the CEO of this company for almost fourteen years.

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Personal life of Divya Narendra.

In June of 2017, Phoebe White and Narendra were wed. A few years prior, the duo had encountered one another in a bar without exchanging contact information. Required reading: How much is Cardi B worth? How does she allocate her finances?

Following their initial meeting, he searched online for her email address and sent her an email, which led to the beginning of their relationship. The two individuals decided to acquire a loft in the Tribeca section of New York City jointly. Training for marathons and playing the guitar are Narendra’s favourite pastimes.

Social Media of Divya Narendra: How Did He Get Started With Connectu?

While attending Harvard University, Narendra and his colleagues Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss created the social networking platform Harvard Connection. The platform was built by the organisation in December 2002. Users could add others as friends, exchange messages, and share life updates with their friends.

Eventually, the platform was renamed ConnectU. In November of 2003, the team asked a different student, Mark Zuckerberg, to join the platform’s team and contribute more complex code. However, he altered the URL to Facebook, or thefacebook.com. The Winklevosses and Narendra discovered facebook.com in February 2004 after reading a press release in the Harvard student newspaper, “The Harvard Crimson.”


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As soon as they recognised that the Harvard Connection code had been rendered ineffective, they wrote to Zuckerberg to request that he cease. In addition, formal complaints were lodged with the Harvard Administration Board and university president Larry Summers. They claimed that Zuckerberg had violated the university’s honour code and the student handbooks. However, both stated that the situation was not the school’s duty and recommended the students to file a lawsuit.

Following were a number of court cases. Zuckerberg was accused of misappropriating the intellectual property of a third party. The resolution of the ensuing legal battle would take years. Max Minghella portrayed Narendra in the 2010 film “The Social Network,” which chronicles the founding and expansion of Facebook. Narendra has expressed happiness with his portrayal in the film, despite Minghella’s Italian and Chinese ethnicity and his own Indian heritage.

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How Much Does Divya Narendra Earn From Controversy on Facebook?

ConnectU filed a lawsuit against Facebook in 2004, stating that Mark Zuckerberg had basically stolen their idea after the university declined to participate. By 2008, the Winklevosses and Narendra had received a total of $65 million, which was comprised of a 45-million-dollar Facebook stock award and $20 million in cash.

Despite the fact that a number of further lawsuits were filed, the three plaintiffs decided to settle for a seven-figure sum. If Divya had maintained his shareholding until the end of 2021, the equity portion of the compensation owed to him may have been worth up to $200 million.

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How Did Divya Narendra’s Beta Version Launch Sumzero?

After graduating from Harvard, Narendra became an analyst at Credit Suisse. Sowood Capital followed. While working there, he conceived the idea for his next business. Throughout his career, he recognised the opportunity to establish a virtual network for seasoned investors seeking fresh investment opportunities or who desired to collaborate on investment efforts.

He chose to return to New York and begin building the beta version of SumZero. He requested collaboration from his former Harvard classmate Aalap Mahadevia. Narendra continues to sue Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. They settled with cash and Facebook stock. Despite having financial security, Narendra chose to return to school. 2012 marked his graduation from Northwestern’s JD-MBA programme. While he was at school, he worked on SumZero. After receiving his degree, he worked on the project full-time. Also, see: Who is Nikko Jenkins? Is It True That Nikko Killed Seventeen Individuals for Staring at Him?

The brothers Winklevoss, with whom he collaborated on the Harvard Connection, contributed $1 million to SumZero. Since then, SumZero has added 75,000 users. To become a member of the community, prospective members must submit an application with varied requirements. Because 75% of applications are rejected, this club of professional investors stays exclusive.

The sub-platforms Job Vault, Research, and Cap Intro are Research, Job Vault, and Cap Intro, respectively. The Research platform provides members with advice on publicly traded stocks. Cap Introduction connects investors and fund managers in order to raise funds. The Job Vault is an investor-specific job board. However, Narendra also pursues other business opportunities.

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