Difficult Person Test: What Does the “Negativity Traits Test” Measure?

The Arealme team developed a personality assessment known as the Difficult Person Test (Negative Personality Trait Test). This evaluation provides a fresh perspective on the participant’s personality in six areas, which may suggest the frequency and strength of your negative personality traits in social circumstances.

Self-awareness is the first step in overcoming our occasionally tough nature. Find out how your personality traits may lead to your dismissal by taking this little quiz.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you become more humorously aware of your own potentially problematic personality tendencies. The instrument is not intended for diagnostic usage. You should only utilise the results to the extent that you find them relevant, as they will describe your traits in their most extreme version.

What Does the “Negativity Traits Test” Measure?

The 42-question Negative Personality Traits Test generates a radar chart as a consequence. It emphasises the participant’s negative personality traits. In addition, we explore ways to enhance each unfavourable characteristic.

Can This Test Be Used to Evaluate Others?

Yes, you may answer each question based on your prediction of the examinee’s response. If you are uncertain about a person’s answer to a particular question, you may need to rely on subjective speculation. The more questions that require guessing, the less precise and dependable the results will be.

In addition, the so-called “behaviour” will be influenced by your familiarity with the individual. In this scenario, the precision is significantly compromised, and self-testing is more accurate.

What Does the Difficult Person Test Mean?

By examining your scores on seven basic traits of a difficult person — callousness, grandiosity, hostility, mistrust, manipulativeness, dominance, and risk-taking — the exam aims to determine how easy or difficult you are to get along with.

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Each Negative Personality Trait Is Described in Extensive Detail

You are obsessed with your environment and emotions. You are a solitary thinker who keeps your actual thoughts to oneself. You frequently give others the impression that “it’s none of my business” due to the fact that you don’t communicate your emotions with kind words. If you aspire to be more sociable, you should embrace and accept others, as well as respect and comprehend the diversity of society.

It would be ideal if you could find trustworthy friends or partners with whom you could discuss your emotional needs and genuine thoughts with courage. Also, try to care for others more to warm your heart.

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You are both perceptive and insecure. Pessimism can result in the development of fictitious enemies. You have a strong sense of self-defence and have trouble trusting others. Why not begin with “do not overthink if you wish to live a more serene and natural life?

When under stress, you tend to mistrust everyone and everything around you. In these circumstances, it is best to divert your attention and loosen your muscles. Remember not to overthink or dwell on every detail.


You possess a heroic sense of both love and hate. Being determined and aggressive helps you strive for greatness in all endeavours, but it can also put pressure on others. However, a strong person never hesitates to reveal their weakness.

Want to appear more amicable? Learning to respect and think differently and beginning to consider the opinions of others are both wonderful ideas. You may also be more attentive with your terminology and use more elegant expressions to describe your ideas. In actuality, recognising your weaknesses will enable you to escape the state of readiness.


You are a devoted individual who has great confidence in your knowledge and faith. You are so self-critical that you would never take shortcuts to achieve any of your life goals. However, instances of obstinacy will skew your perception and increase your ego. It is likely time for you to begin trusting and valuing those around you.

Instead of being the same “tough lemon” you’ve always been, listen more, learn more, and respond appropriately so you can experience the joy that comes from healthy social relationships. Listening to a variety of perspectives will assist you much, especially when making major life decisions.


You gain confidence frequently from the gaze of others. Therefore, even if you appear bright and glamorous the most of the time, your dramatic thoughts and acts, as well as a very sensitive and impulsive temperament, may cause others to reject and isolate you over time.

To get rid of the “exaggerated” label, start by paying more attention to the authentic voices around you. Don’t attempt to gain the attention or praise of others, and don’t be overly concerned with what they think. Moreover, confronting your true, flawed self may aid in your development.

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You are pragmatic and accustomed to using logic in all situations. You even consider maximising your words and actions. However, this can tyre you out and lead to others labelling you as “petty” and “selfish.” According to the proverb, “every man for himself, and the devil take the hindmost.”

However, excessive focus on one’s interests can also result in narrow-mindedness. How about “losing out” to begin your transformation? This is not to incur financial or spiritual losses, but to widen your horizons and find greater beauty and happiness in life.

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