Diesel Patches Face Reveal: Let’s Find Out More About His Real-life Face Reveal!


Diesel Patches Face Reveal: Diesel Patches is an American YouTuber who focuses on commentaries and sometimes reviews of movies and TV shows. But the YouTuber hasn’t told the rest of the web his real name. So many people are looking forward to Diesel Patches Face Reveal and want to learn more about him. So, in this article, we’ll learn more about Diesel Patches Face Reveal and him.

Who is Diesel Patches?

Diesel Patches is a YouTuber who does it for a living. “Diesel Patches” and “Weasel Bathes” are the names of his channels. On his first channel, he has more than one million people who follow him. He’s put up more than 270 videos.

On his first channel, he made videos that talked about rumors and pop culture. His first channel stopped making money on January 18, 2019, because of problems. Some of his movies had also been taken away. Later, on July 2, 2019, he said that he was able to make money again from his channel.

“Curb Your Racist Joke” is his most watched video. It’s been thought to be close to 5.5 million. It went up on May 14, 2018. Also, he has made videos about Lilly Singh, Alinity Divine, and Morgz.

Diesel Patches Face Reveal

Diesel Patches, also known as Weasel Bathes, is an American YouTuber who hasn’t shown his face or said what his real name is.

Diesel Patches is an American who used to be a YouTuber and mostly made videos with comments. Diesel’s second channel, Weasel Batches, came out on March 17, 2019. On this channel, he reviews and talks about movies and TV shows. He also belongs to the podcst channel.

Has Diesel Patches Done Face Reveal?

Diesel patches haven’t shown his face on Reddit or any other platform. On his YouTube channel, he hasn’t shown his face either. Since he says things about celebrities, YouTubers, and a lot of movies, it’s safer for him to cover his face.

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In the same way, the image on each of his YouTube channels is a white mask. “Percy the small engine” from Thomas the Tank Engine & Mates is wearing the white mask. It comes from the fifth season’s “Baal” episode.

Diesel Patches Age

Since he was born in 1995, Diesel Patches could be 26 or 27 years old. His real name is still unknown. It makes Diesel a very mysterious person, and his name and face are rarely shown. Even though his fans want to know, he has never told anyone what his name is.

He also did a question-and-answer video with his friends on YouTube, but he didn’t say what his name was. But he did say what his best was. He said he’s exactly 6 feet tall. He also has a girlfriend who joins him in his live stream most of the time. He also said that he doesn’t believe in God and can’t eat lactose.

Diesel Patches Net Worth

The price of Diesel Patches on the web is thought to be between $118,000 and $200,000. It’s just a guess based on his YouTube videos. As there are 1.03 million people who follow him on “Diesel Patches” and about 274k people who follow him on “Weasel Batches.”

His video has also been watched more than 5 million times. We don’t know much about his other jobs besides what’s on YouTube. His name isn’t given out so that we can learn more about him.


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