Did Big Meech Get Shot? Meet His Daughter Neeka & More Info!


After the news spread like wildfire, fans want to know if Big Meech really was shot. Big Meech is a name that a lot of people know. Some people know him as an American businessman and entrepreneur.

Others know him as a well-known member of the Black Mafia Family. Fans and people who like him have always been curious about his family.

A new TV show called Black Mafia Family is about Big Meech, who was one of the most powerful drug lords in the United States in the early 2000s. Starz’s The Black Mafia Family is getting more and more popular with each new episode.

Many people have learned more about how the drug empire grew, and they have also learned things about Meech’s family that they didn’t know before.

Did Big Meech Get Shot? 

No, Big Meech didn’t get shot. But Big Meech and his brother were both found guilty in 2008 of running one of Michigan’s biggest drug trafficking and money laundering rings and given 30 years in prison.

Big Meech, on the other hand, will get out of prison early in 2028. This is because amendments 782 and 788 to the United States Sentencing Guidelines changed all drug crimes committed before November 2014. He was also helping people in October 2021, which may have helped him get out of jail early.

Did Big Meech Get Shot

Big Meech and his younger brother Terry, also known as “Southwest T,” started selling cocaine when they were in high school. After that, they set up a network to sell cocaine all over the United States.

He and his brother Terry started the Black Mafia Family, which is a big drug organization that sells and distributes a lot of cocaine in many states.

Meet Big Meech’s Daughter Neeka

Big Meech had a daughter named Neeka with a woman named Lori Walker before. But in the past few years, at least two young women have told the world on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter that Big Meech is their father.

The Black Mafia Family series has once again shown what is going on with the Mafia lord who is currently in jail. For example, it is said that he has daughters named Demetria and Neeka. In real life, not much is known about Neeka, like when she was born or how she can be found.

There’s also no way to know what her childhood was like or how involved Big Meech was. According to the show, she was with Lori Walker when she was with the drug lord.

Big Meech Family Details Explored!

Charles and Lucille Flenory had Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory on June 21, 1968, in Cleveland, Ohio. Charles and Lucille had more kids in the future, Terry Flenory and Nicole.

In the late 1980s, Terry and Demetrius sold drugs while they were still in high school. The small drug business turned into a business worth several million dollars. Big Meech’s parents didn’t care about what their sons did.

Did Big Meech Get Shot

Early in July 2017, Charles Flenory died, which was sad. His mother, Lucille, has told him from time to time about what’s going on in prison with Meech. She talked to Atlanta’s V103 radio station about how Meech felt about Rick Ross’s song BMF.

Lucille said that she liked the song because it paid tribute to Meech. His mother said that Meech is a person who cares a lot about his family and whom she greatly admires.


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