Dhar Mann Net Worth: How Much Money Does Dhar Mann Make?

American film producer and businessman Dhar Mann. His video production firm, Dhar Mann Studios, is well recognised for producing short films on online video sharing platforms like YouTube. The main character in the majority of these movies encounters a cruel fate and learns a moral lesson.

In 2010, Mann and stockbroker Derek Peterson opened the weGrow hydroponics store, which garnered a lot of media attention. WeGrow was shut down two years later as a result of legal disputes between the business partners.

According to court records, Mann was accused of defrauding the city of Oakland out of millions of dollars while running his real estate business there in 2013.

Net Worth: $170 million
Age: 38
Born: May 29, 1984
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: YouTuber, Entrepreneur
, Businessperson
Last Updated: 2022

Dhar Mann Early Life

Dharminder Mann was born on May 29, 1984, shortly after Surinder and Baljit Singh Mann moved to the US from India. The Mann family owns Friendly Cab, a taxi service with offices in Oakland, California, and has been investing in real estate there since 1980.

Dhar Mann Net Worth

As a child, Mann recalls sharing a one-bedroom apartment in the Bay Area with three other families. His parents were too busy operating their business to “give me their time, they gave me money to do things.”

Dhar Mann Career

Peterson filed lawsuits against the company at the beginning of 2011, and Mann was charged with operating a “hydroponzi scheme” in a Mother Jones interview. Later, Mann was successful in obtaining a financial settlement and ownership of Peterson’s business by alleging that Peterson had fabricated the allegations as retaliation for Mann’s decision to reduce their partnership.


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Mann admitted to thirteen charges of criminal fraud in 2012 after being charged with defrauding a neighbourhood beautification program in 2008 and 2009. Mann was operating his real estate business at the time. Prosecutors lowered the charges to five felonies in August 2013, and Mann entered a plea of not guilty to all five counts later that year.

His punishment included a $10,000 fine, a five-year probationary period, and restitution. Mann claimed that the conviction had been erased as of 2021. Peterson filed lawsuits against the company in the beginning of 2011, and in an interview with Mother Jones, Peterson accused Mann of operating a “hydroponzi scheme.”

Dhar Mann’s Net Worth

Dhar Mann is believed to be worth more than $170 million. Additionally, he receives a handsome compensation each month that is thought to be worth around $3 million. He has enough money from his possessions to live a comfortable life.

Dhar Mann Personal Life

Mann dated Lilly Ghalichi, a reality television actress from the series Shahs of Sunset, in 2014. Mann met Laura Avila, his future wife, in 2015. LiveGlam, a line of cosmetics that Mann founded in 2015, is managed by the two of them. The couple had their first kid in 2020. In 2021, their second child was born.

At the end of 2020, Mann acquired a mansion in Calabasas, California, from celebrity Khloé Kardashian. In addition to their family’s real estate firm in Oakland, Mann and his brother Harmit own property there.

Dhar Mann Net Worth

Dhar Mann Studios Was Founded

In 2018, Mann founded Dhar Mann Studios, a company that produces videos. The business produces movies for YouTube and other social media sites. Mann started off the year with motivational videos on YouTube before switching to morality plays later in the year.

By 2021, Mann will have a contract with the Creative Artists Agency and will have developed a mobile app that will let users view videos made by his studio’s internal staff.

The New York Times said that his YouTube videos were “timely stories about police calling Karens and Covid-19 hoarders” in the style of “1980s after-school specials and educational short films of the ’50s.”

They also pointed out that his videos often had a “thin and absolutist” moral philosophy and titles that were meant to get people to click on them. Vulture called them “feel-good” videos that “encourage people to treat each other with respect.”

Mann ranked second on YouTube’s official Top 10 Creators of 2021 list. After his short documentary about autism was viewed 45 million times by December 2021, he raised money for the Organization for Autism Research. The top 10 popular videos on YouTube for 2021 have been made public, and this movie was one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Does Dhar Mann Make?

In its first year of operation, Dhar’s team increased LiveGlam’s sales from $600 to $8 million! Dhar operated his company out of his apartment at the time of this interview. Live Glam now manufactures its own goods, increasing revenues from $8 million in 2016 to $20 million this year.

Who is the CEO of Dhar Mann Studios?

American businessman and movie producer Dhar Mann. His birthday is May 29, 1984. His business, Dhar Mann Studios, is most known for producing short films for YouTube and other social media platforms.

How Is Working at Dhar Mann Studios?

Your life can be drastically altered by working at Dhar Mann Studios. I enjoy dealing with people from all over the world, and the knowledge that I can improve their lives makes me incredibly happy. The responsibilities are enjoyable to perform, and the compensation and perks are good.


Dhar Mann is a California resident who works as a content developer, business entrepreneur, and filmmaker. He currently ranks among the richest YouTubers.

Dhar Mann’s net worth was $150 million as of 2022.

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