What Are the 10 Best Deborah Cox Songs of All-Time?

Deborah Cox is a Canadian actress, singer, and songwriter who also makes records and writes songs. When she was 12, she started singing for TV commercials. She got into several talent shows with the help of her mother.

She used to sing in nightclubs when she was a teenager. She wrote a lot of songs when she was a teenager. When she started singing in Celine Dion’s band, she started making money. Since then, her singing career has gone well.

Deborah Cox says that she has made six albums that have won awards and been praised by critics. After telling about her short path to singing, it’s time to talk about some of her best songs. Without further ado, here are the 10 best Deborah Cox songs of all time.

The 10 Best Deborah Cox Songs of All-Time

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