Day Shift Release Date: What is Jamie Foxx Working on?

Day Shift Release Date

In the brand-new Netflix original movie Day Shift, a vampire hunter strives, just like everyone else, to make ends meet so he can support his child. This smart and engaging action-comedy is likely to be a hit for the streaming behemoth.

Despite being Perry’s debut project as a director, the film is likely to be action-packed and full of realistic effects due to his extensive background in stunts and martial arts. Along with Jamie Foxx and Peter Baxter, Chad Stahelski (John Wick), who has already worked with Perry on numerous times, will produce the film.

About Day Shift

Jamie Foxx portrays a San Fernando Valley father who works as a pool cleaner to support his daughter, 8, and their opulent lifestyle. At first glance, at least, it appears that way.

Day Shift Release Date

In reality, he utilizes his pool-cleaning job as a front for his true source of income: killing vampires. He is effectively compensated for tracking down vampires and delivering their fangs.

Movie Name

Day Shift


J. J. Perry


Jamie Foxx and Peter Baxter

Written By

Shay Hatten and Tyler Tice


American vampire action comedy

OTT Platform


Last Update

02, August 2022

When will Day Shift be Released?

The release date for Day Shift is Friday, August 12, 2022. Upon its release, this film will be accessible only on Netflix for streaming.

Day Shift Release Date

Day Shift is a significant summer blockbuster that has been compared to other noteworthy Netflix movies as well as other significant summer blockbusters.

Chris Hemsworth’s Spiderhead, which was a massive blockbuster despite the fact that almost everyone had heard of it before to its release, marked the beginning of the summer movie season. When film debuts at the end of July, The Gray Man, starring Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, is expected to be another fantastic blockbuster for the streaming service.

Where to Watch Day Shift

Day Shift is a Netflix original production that will only be offered there. By clicking the link below, you can easily sign up for the streaming service if you are not already a member. Who works the day shift?

The all-star Day Shift cast includes Snoop Dogg (a rapper-turned-actor and pitchman), Dave Franco (Now You See Me, The Now), Jamie Foxx (Spider-Man: No Way Home, Ray, Django Unchained), and others (BMF, Training Day).

The cast is completed by Meagan Good (Harlem), Steve Howey (Shameless), Karla Souza (How to Get Away with Murder), and Scott Adkins (Avengement).

Cast and Crew of Movie

Day Shift stars a number of honorees, including Dave Franco (Now You See Me, The Now), Jamie Foxx (Spider-Man: No Way Home, Ray, Django Unchained), and Snoop Dogg, a former rapper who has successfully transitioned into an acting career and pitchman (BMF, Training Day).

Day Shift Release Date

Steve Howey (Shameless), Karla Souza (How to Get Away with Murder), Meagan Good (Harlem), and Scott Adkins are other cast members (Avengement).

The roles they are performing are as follows:

  • Jamie Foxx portrays Bud Jablonski
  • Dave Franco in the role of Seth
  • Snoop Dogg portrays Big John Elliott
  • Meagan Good in the Role of Jocelyn
  • Zion Broadnax in the role of Paige
  • Karla Souza portrays Paige


Is Day Shift Out?

Day Shift debuts on August 12 in the US and the UK. Make sure you have a Netflix (opens in new tab) subscription if you want to see it when it premieres. Day Shift follows in the footsteps of other significant summer blockbusters, such as a number of significant Netflix releases.

What is Jamie Foxx Working on?

That is due to the fact that Foxx has signed on to feature in and executive produce the comedy Day Shift, which centres on a hardworking blue-collar father who wants to raise a clever 8-year-old daughter but whose real job is actually hunting and murdering vampires.

Is Day Shift on Netflix Now?

J.J. Perry, the stunt coordinator for John Wick, Django Unchained, The Fate of the Furious, and other films, makes his directorial debut with Day Shift. Chad Stahelski, the director of John Wick, will produce the movie. Tyler Tice and Shay Hatten will write the script. It debuts on August 12 on Netflix.


Day Shift is certain to be a memorable vampire movie thanks to its intriguing plot and all-star cast. When Day Shift debuts on Netflix on August 12, 2022, it will undoubtedly become an instant classic in the vampire-hunter movie genre. Get ready for the next big thing in Netflix’s newest vampire-slaying adventure with garlic and silver.

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