Is David Cone’s Relationship With Taja Abitbol Over? They Dated for Two Years Before Announcing Their Divorce!


Former Yankees pitcher David Cone and his longtime girlfriend Taja Abitbol have separated, according to Page Six. Abitbol told us on Monday morning in an exclusive interview that her relationship with athlete Cone has become “tough” because she and their 10-year-old son Sammy have been living in Florida since the emergence of the COVID-19 virus, while Cone has been in New York.

We are unsure of who we are. The existing state of transportation is unacceptable. He is sporadic at home and likes to be out and about. She continues, “During baseball season, it’s difficult for us, but during the off-season, it’s not difficult at all. It is not a simple matter.

Their Separation

David Cone And Taja Abitbol Breakup?

According to our source, Cone was “extremely generous with [Abitbol] financially” after their breakup, spending “millions on her, purchasing her mansions, and helping support her businesses.” For Them, Maintaining Unity Became an Increasingly Challenging Task. Abitbol stated, “We do not know who we are.” The current state of travel is terrible. For him, travelling is a way of life. During the baseball season, we find it difficult, but during the off-season, we sometimes find it simple. It is, in a word, difficult.

A credible source states that despite their breakup, David was exceedingly generous to her ex-partner Abitbol financially. He had invested considerably in her over the years by purchasing her properties and provided financial support for her business endeavours.

Cone received a new hip. According to a spokesman of Cone’s group, David was unable to react because he had hip replacement surgery on Monday morning. It looked that Abitbol was not present in the surgery room.

Their Relationship Chronology

David Cone And Taja Abitbol Breakup?

Abitbol admitted in an interview with The Post that her description of herself and David as “longtime lovers” may have created the impression that the couple was still together. In addition, she denied rumours that she was responsible for a fire on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” According to Abitbol, her neighbour, who is suing her for the fire in Manhattan Supreme Court, intentionally started it because of her friendship with Cone.

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“This guy wants to sue me because David is a New York legend,” she told The Post. The poor guy doesn’t deserve this.” Taja, Abitbol’s French-Moroccan restaurant on the Upper East Side that closed in 2007, was where the pair initially met, and in 2010 they reconnected during a holiday party. They are not getting married.

Now They Have Reunited? Breakup of David Cone And Taja Abitbol?

According to a spokesman, colour commentator Cone, 59, had a hip replacement on Monday morning. The 50-year-old Abitbol rushed to New York to be by his side during this tough moment. Later, she stated, “I’ve been by his side, and he’s doing quite well.”

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His health has substantially improved. In an interview with The Post, in which she denied starting a fire to get on “The Real Housewives of New York City,” the restaurant owner made it appear as though she and the colour commentator were still dating. She referred to them as “longtime engaged.”

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