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Based on Tony Hillerman’s Leaphorn & Chee book series, Graham Roland created the American psychological thriller television series Dark Winds. The show centers on Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee, two Navajo police officers who work in the Southwest in the 1970s. It is crucial to pay close attention to the timeline and storyline since it causes the viewer to pause for contemplation.

Viewers are curious if the show has been renewed for a second season as the first season has come to an end. We have some exciting news to share, so it looks like the fans won’t have to wait too long! To help you get a head start on the upcoming episode and be ready before the series airs on AMC+ and AMC, we’ve put together a quick summary of everything you need to know about the release date, storyline, and cast.

Here Is Everything We Currently Know About Dark Winds Season 2.

Will Dark Winds Return for a Second Season?

Yes, a new season of Dark Winds will be available to watch on television. All of the first season’s episodes, which concluded on July 17, 2022, have been broadcast by the network. AMC+ announced on June 23, 2022, that the show had been renewed for a second season after a week of anticipation.

Dark Winds Season 2 Release Date

AMC+’s official Twitter account also informed its followers of the news, quoting, “More #DarkWinds is coming. The second season of AMC’s “instant classic” (@theAVClub) has been ordered. View the official post down below:

Why was Dark Winds renewed by AMC and AMC+ for a second season?

According to Deadline, the announcement comes as no surprise as it comes after the series, which is produced by AMC Studios, drew 2.2M viewers on AMC for its June 12 launch in Live+3 ratings, making it the No. 5 cable drama premiere of the current season. The company said it also was the No. 1 new series launch in AMC+ history.

The series is based on the Leaphorn & Chee book series by Tony Hillerman, the television series has received acclaim for its representation of Native Americans. Furthermore, the series has gained a fairly good reception from critics and the audience. As a result, it seemed clear that the series was planned and set in the early stages of development for it to be renewed for more seasons.

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Dan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios for AMC Networks said, “This once-in-a-lifetime creative team and cast have delivered something truly special with Dark Winds.” Further adding, “We can’t wait to share the rest of this thrill ride of a first season with the fans and follow Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee into a second season on AMC and AMC+ next year.

Overwhelming gratitude to our entire production team and a special thanks to executive producers Robert Redford, George R.R. Martin, Chris Eyre, and of course Zahn McClarnon, who also leads the cast and brings humanity, and authority, and the wisdom of richly lived experiences to everything he does.”

Dark Winds Season 2 Potential Release Date

The exact release date of Dark Winds Season 2 is yet to be confirmed by the network as of June 24, 2022. Keep in mind that the renewal was announced a few days ago, so any information on the release date seems way too soon. But on the bright side, it is speculated that the upcoming season will not be delayed and will be released sooner than anticipated, which means the release date will be sometime around early to mid-2023.

Dark Winds Season 2 Release Date

The most likely time frame of the second season premiere date will be sometime around 20 June 2023, considering the release date pattern of season one. Likewise, we would want to emphasize that this is all guesswork at this time. As a result, AMC+ and AMC will publish and confirm the official release dates for the next season in the following months when the production starts to warp up in a scheduled manner. Until then, fans should keep an eye on it.

Dark Winds Season 2 Plot

The upcoming season is expected to pick up from the finale episode of the first season, HózhóoNaasháa, released on July 17, 2022. The episode was directed By Chris Eyre, and Sanford Bookstaver, and written By Maya Rose Dittloff. The official synopsis of the episode states, “Leaphorn, Chee and Manuelito descend on the hiding place of the Buffalo Society, only to be confronted with hard decisions that could change the outcome of the rest of their lives.”

So, it is expected that this already established premise will lead to the pilot episode of Dark Winds Season 2. It’s also rumored to pick up any potential cliffhangers and subplots in the first episode of the following season and dive right into this world with more experiments, giving fans something new to look at instead of the same old themes. As a result, encouraging viewers to stream the series is crucial for the network to develop the finest possible content and plot while placing these popular characters first.

Dark Winds Season 2 Cast

The first season’s original cast is anticipated to return and carry the storyline into the next season. As of June24,2022, the network had not also made any further casting announcements. Consequently, the following is a list of the series’ notable characters:

  • As Joe Leaphorn, Zahn McClarnon
  • Jim Chee, played by Kiowa Gordon
  • Bernadette Manuelito is played by Jessica Matten.
  • As Emma, Deanna Allison
  • Devoted Dan, played by Rainn Wilson
  • As Sally Growing Thunder, Elva Guerra
  • As Hoski, Jeremiah Bitsui
  • Frank Nakai is played by Eugene Brave Rock.
  • As Whitover, Noah Emmerich
  • Pete Samuels, played by Rob Tepper

It typically takes some time for fresh cast news to appear, so we ask viewers to be patient. If there are any new characters introduced in the upcoming season, the network will notify fans in advance. Therefore, in the upcoming months, fans should carefully monitor any such changes on social media.

Episodes of Dark Winds Season 2

Six episodes of Dark Winds Season 2 are anticipated, with each episode typically lasting between 44 and 49 minutes. As of June24,2022, it is currently unknown what the precise episode titles and numbers will be for the upcoming season. Fans need currently be patient and binge-watch Season 1 to refresh their recollections of the show’s major plotlines. Here is a detailed episode guide that will help you comprehend the order of the episodes.

  • Monster Slayer, S1E1-June12, 2022
  • June19,2022, S1E2: The Male Rain Approaches
  • K’e-June26,2022, S1E3
  • Hooghandi-July3,2022, S1E4
  • Ha’nlni-July10,2022, S1E5
  • HózhóoNaasháa-S1E6-July17, 2022

The number of episodes is ultimately determined by the plot that the program seeks to convey to the audience, making it a somewhat bigger or smaller season than its predecessor, so viewers should keep an eye out for specifics on the series episode and dates that will be announced in the upcoming months.

Does the Second Season of Dark Winds Have a Trailer?

No, the network has not yet issued any trailers or promotional materials for Dark Winds Season2, as it is far too early for such releases. Check out the Season 1 official trailer down below while you wait:

A Brief Recap of Season One of Dark Winds

Major themes in the first season include The Listening Woman and People of Darkness, on which the production worked closely with the Navajo Nation. 70% of Dark Winds was shot at Camel Rock Studios with special permission on tribal land at Tesuque Pueblo in New Mexico. Another 30% of the series was filmed at Cochiti Pueblo in New Mexico, which served as the setting.

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In the 1971 novel Dark Winds, which is set in a remote Navajo Nation outpost near Monument Valley, Lt. Joe Leaphorn of the Tribal Police must deal with a series of crimes that at first glance seem unrelated. As he approaches the truth, he further exposes the scars from his past.

Dark Winds Season 2 Release Date

He goes on this journey with Jim Chee, his new deputy. Due to his upbringing on a reserve, Chee also has unfinished business. The two men engage in joint combat with their respective demons, the forces of evil, and one another on the path to salvation.

Dark Winds Streaming Locations

Along with Dark Winds Season 1 via renting or buying it on Amazon Instant Video or iTunes, Dark Winds Season 2 will be accessible to stream on AMC and AMC+ depending on the viewer’s location and subscription options. Users have the choice to continue watching the series with their active memberships.

An official Synopsis of Dark Winds

According to AMC’s website, the official summary of the series reads, “It’s 1971 in a remote Navajo Nation outpost near Monument Valley. The Tribal Police’s Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn is under attack from several offenses. He reveals the scars from his past more and more as he gets closer to the truth. Jim Chee, his new deputy, joins him on this voyage since he also has unfinished business from his youth. On the way to salvation, the two men fight against the powers of evil, one another, and their individual demons together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Bouts of Dark Winds Will There Be?

six installments
Based on Tony Hillerman’s Leaphorn & Chee novel series, Graham Roland created the American psychological thriller television series Dark Winds. On June 12, 2022, it had its television debut on AMC and AMC+. The first season had six episodes.

On what channel are the dark winds?


The Dark Wind Was Filmed Where?

The Navajo reservation in Arizona and New Mexico served as the backdrop for the movie’s on-location shooting.

Will Hulu Have Dark Winds?

Dark Winds on AMC+, The Old Man with Jeff Bridges, and other titles are available to stream right now. What’s fresh on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and other services may be found here.

Whose Work Is “Dark Winds”?

Tony Hillerman

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