Daily Writing Exercises and Tips for Students

It is a well-known truth that one who wants to become a professional in any field has to make efforts for that each day. If you want to become a writer of fictional literature or an expert in academic writing, the following tips will help you.

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It might sound weird, but you have to read a lot to become a top writer. It doesn’t matter if you want to become a fiction writer or an academic one. When you read professionally edited texts, you get used to well-written literature. Such a habit will be highly helpful when you start work on your own writings. The more high-quality text you read, the less chance is that you will make a mistake in your own text.

It is especially important in our time. We get used to chatting with other people without paying attention to how correctly we write some words, using a wide range of slang and abbreviations. However, both fictional and academic writing have very different requirements from what we get used to in our everyday life.

There can be fictional text written in everyday language. Such language can also be used in dialogues, but it is not what you should start with. And it is well-known that good academic writers use clear language without slang and abbreviations, except professional ones.

Besides the habit of correct writing, reading allows you to get a wide background. It is important for both fiction and academic texts. In the area of literature, regardless of its nature, novelty is highly valued. However, you cannot write something new before reading the majority of things written before.

Follow The Example

Before you develop your unique style of writing, the inevitable step is following the examples. If you are working on an academic text, you will highly likely follow the example of an essay provided by your professor. If you are working on some fiction, you will probably start with imitating your favorite author’s style. It is quite normal practice, and you don’t have to be ashamed.

The best thing you can do is to follow the example consciously. Don’t just try to write as your favorite author or as the author of the paper that your tutor provided to you. Analyze your examples! And, if you want to be good in academic writing, it is useful to find some scientists whose writing speaks to you. Analyze why you like the work of this person? What makes it different from many other scholarly works?

In the case you don’t have an example which you surely want to follow, you can buy one online. Professional custom essay writing companies such as CustomWritings are ready to provide you with high-quality personalized original papers. The company has a long story on the online market, and therefore these service professionals can write from scratch an example of an academic review or fictional short story. It depends only on the order of the customer.

After analysis, you will see not only a well-written text but schemes that you can use in your writings. You will be able to see which details make your texts more satisfying from your own point of view. And it is one of the most important points, to be satisfied with your text by yourself.

Write Every Day

Sometimes deadlines or inspiration can make you write a few essays in one day. Sometimes it can be hard to write even one line. However, if you want to develop your writing skills, you have to practice every day.

Even if you do not have an assignment or the deadline for it is very long, you should work on it to become a good academic writer. If you want to be a writer of fictional literature, you also must have everyday practice. Regardless of your preferences in writing type, write one sentence. Make an outline. Find some useful sources.

Do something useful for your writing, and do it each day. There is no other way to become good at something except for working on your skills each day. However, even a little step will make you closer to success in the future.

Search For Sources

Sources are highly important for both academic and fictional writing, if only you don’t want your text to look cheap. If you want to write a good text, and it isn’t a short sketch from everyday life, you need to do some research before writing.

If you are working on an academic paper, you need to use articles or even larger studies to support your idea. If you are working on a fictional story, you might need to clarify some facts or details related to your story. And it is better to use credible sources in both cases.

You can search for the sources every day to have some of them in reserve. It can be very nice to use articles or books that you already have, or at least make a quick search on a good library website instead of spending hours searching services before you will actually work on your assignment or try to catch inspiration for your fiction again.

Many students in the USA and in other countries are used to leaving their assignments for the last minute, and this minute does not last long enough to find proper credible sources for their essays. However, when you have saved several sources that are related to your field of interest or to the particular course you have, you save time and make a contribution to the quality of your work.

Avoid Wordiness

The skill that also can require some training but will be highly helpful for you is avoiding wordiness in the future. In the case of fictional literature, it is quite simple. You just need practice and a critical look at your text, as if you were professional editors with experience in a few companies. Try to imagine professional reviews that your fiction might have, pay attention to the critique, and make your writing a little bit more plain. After some time, writing without wordiness will become a custom.

The case of academic writing can be a little more complex because wordiness appears due to some reason. Students of a college or a university often face a problem of wordiness in their English papers because of the requirements to the length of the paper. It is a common case when the idea is already represented, the quotations are used, but the number of words is still not enough to be free of assignment. However, the better assistance that wordiness is paying attention to the structure and revealing the details.

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