Corey Smith Songs: What Are the 10 Best Songs of All Time?


American country music singer Corey Smith is from Jefferson, Georgia. The singer has a degree from the University of Georgia in Social Studies Education. While he was there, he wrote songs and played gigs in the area.

He taught guitar, geography, and history at North Gwinnett High School in Suwanee, Georgia, after he graduated from college. Wikipedia says that Corey quit his job as a teacher at age 28 to focus on music. His biggest break came in 2003, when his first album, Undertones, came out. Since then, he’s put out and helped make ten albums. Here are ten of his best songs.

The 10 Best Corey Smith Songs of All-Time

10. Every Dawg (2004)

Oldies says that “Every Dawg” by Corey Smith is a song from 2004. It is a slang version of the well-known phrase “every dog has its day.” The singer talks about how he got started in music and says that it wasn’t easy. The song is about taking advantage of chances to do well in what you do. He starts the song by saying, “A long ride back from Jacksonville/ 500 miles from a game we should have won.” Corey wants you to know that everyone gets the biggest break when it’s right for them.

9. Blow Me Away (2015)

“Blow Me Away” is the eighth song from Corey Smith’s tenth album, While the Getting’ Is Good, that came out in 2015. Keith Stegall made the song. He has worked with Zac Brown Band and Alan Jackson before. In the song’s lyrics, Corey talks about how impressed he is by a woman he doesn’t know. This is where the phrase “blow me away” comes from. It’s a great song for people who want to show their love to their partners.

8. The Wreckage (2004)

“The Wreckage” is another great song from Corey Smith’s 2004 album, In the Mood. He wrote and sang it. The singer says that she has made mistakes and doesn’t want to do them again. When someone is in a wreck, they can’t be saved anymore. But now is not the time to give up because everyone has the chance to start over.

7. Feet Wet (2015)

As was already said, Corey started making music in 2003. While the Gettin’ Is Good, his tenth album, came out after 12 years. “Feet Wet,” one of the songs on it, seems like another sing-along song about summer. But the song’s message isn’t as deep as you might think.

The singer talks about growing up and getting to a place where you don’t have to prove yourself to others. This song is great for people who are happy going through life at their own pace and on their own terms.

6. Let Me Love You on A Backroad (2008)

“Let Me Love You on a Backroad” is Corey’s road head song from his Outtakes from the Georgia Theatre album, which came out in 2008. Even though there are only six songs on the album, you can tell that Corey did his best. Most of the people who have seen him perform live can say that this song is one of the fan favourites that was recorded live. Also, it’s a great way to show off his real voice, unlike the way other artists do it in a studio.

5. F*** the Po-Po (2008)

Discotech says that Corey Smith has become popular with country music fans because of his sold-out shows. One of the songs with a swear word in the title is “F*** the Po-Po.” It shows that celebrities, like regular people, have to deal with unfair things even though they want to live a good life. So, put aside the bad language for a moment and listen to how Corey describes what the police did to him.

4. Drinking Again (2004)

“Drinking Again” is a song from In the Mood that Corey played live in Chattanooga in 2004. The song starts with the singer saying that even though it’s Monday afternoon, it feels like Friday night. He is drinking in the living room and can’t wait for the party to start.

Deep down, he has problems that keep him up at night, so drinking is the only way for him to escape. But the alcohol only hides the problems for a short time. So, he’s not sure if getting sober will solve all his problems.

3. Maybe Next Year (2007)

The third single from Corey Smith’s fourth album, Hard-Headed, is “Maybe Next Year.” The song is about realising and accepting the mistakes you’ve made in the past because mistakes can be made again. As people get older, they need to realise that they still have a lot of growing up and getting better to do. It’s a great song for those who want to start over.

2. Twenty One (2003)

“Twenty One” is another great song from Undertones, Corey’s first album. He put it out in 2003. In the first verse, it says that 17-year-old Corey can’t wait to be 21 so he can have the freedom of an adult. He can’t wait to get a fake ID and tell girls he’s in medical school so he can get into clubs. It shows how young adults can be so naive that they think bad decisions don’t have any effects. This great song was written by Dolores May O’Riordan and Noel Hogan.

1. If I Could Do It Again (2005)

“If I Could Do It Again” is the best song on Corey’s The Good Life album. In 2005, the singer put it out. Corey uses the song to remember the times he had with his friends when they went out to parties, listened to music, and checked out girls. He says that if there is one thing he wants to do with his life, it is to relive that day.

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Here are the ten best songs ever made by Corey Smith. If these songs don’t make you feel warm and fuzzy or make you think about your own life, you can check out his other songs that aren’t on this list.

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