What is This “Color Analysis Tiktok” Thing That Everyone is Doing on Tiktok?


Have you ever worn something and felt like the color didn’t look good on you? Even sickly? Well, there is a pretty simple reason for that: Some colors look better on you than others.

No, we’re not trying to be funny. This is the truth. Think about it: everyone has a different skin tone, undertone, hair color, and eye color. All of these things affect what colors look good on you, even if you don’t factor in your style and personality.

Something called “color analysis” has recently gone viral on TikTok, but contrary to what Gen Z thinks, it’s been around for a long time. Since the 1980s, people have been trying to find their colors. But TikTok does have some very easy ways to help you find yours. First, though…

What is This “Color Analysis Tiktok” Thing That Everyone is Doing on Tiktok?

When people talk about “color analysis,” they mean finding colors that look good on them based on hue (warm or cool), value (light or dark), and chroma (muted vs. saturated). There are no bad colors in and of themselves, but the hue, value, and chroma of a color can make it brighten or wash out your skin.

What Does “Color Season” Mean?

Color seasons are ways to talk about different color schemes that change with the seasons.

Color Analysis Tiktok

There are more ways to divide each season by hue, value, and chroma. So, you could be a warm spring or a cool spring, for example. You could be a bright fall or a dark fall. Make sense?

There Are a Few Tiktok Filters That Help You Find Your Color Season, Which is Good News.

In this video, the TikTok filter is a great way to see the whole seasonal color wheel. You can use the filter to see how your face looks with all the different seasonal color palettes and decide which one you like best. “COLOR ANALYSIS gracemchoi” is what the name of the filter means.

If you want something a little less complicated, this “ARMOCROMIA” filter only has spring, summer, fall, and winter. This might be better for people who are new to “color analysis.”

People Are Following the Trend, as They Do With Any Other Fad.

A lot of videos have come out of people getting their colors done or of people’s colors being done by professionals. The above video says, “POV: You finally get a personal color test in South Korea and realize you can never wear blue again.”

Color Analysis Tiktok

This stylist and color expert who goes by @agile styling on TikTok does a great job in this video of explaining the small differences between certain colors.

We hope that all of these videos will give you the tools you need to look your best. But really, at the end of the day, you should wear whatever makes you feel the most confident. After all, being sure of yourself is hot, and being “hot” is a state of mind.

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