Collision Is a Great Action Movie That We All Need to See!

Collision is a streaming action thriller available on Netflix. The plot follows a corporate executive and his socialite wife as they strive to find and rescue their abducted daughter.

The youngster, who is currently in the possession of a dangerous criminal, does not have much time left before she is shipped overseas as part of a human trafficking network.

Conflict: Plot

Collision is an African drama set in Johannesburg. It begins with an automobile accident, with a young woman weeping from the trunk of one of the vehicles and a man brandishing a gun exiting the other.

Two days before to the event, we are introduced to Johan Greser (Langley Kirkwood), a former member of the military who today serves as the Head of Security for a very large company.

Nicki (played by Zoey Sneedon) is bothering her parents by skipping school and hanging out with her boyfriend Cecil (played by Siphesihle Vazi) and Cecil’s friend Thando (played by Mpho Sebeng).

Nicki is kidnapped by a gangster named Bra Sol, portrayed by Vuyo Dabula, who plans to sell her in order to pay off a substantial bribe. The film’s principal adversary is Bra Sol.

Throughout Cecil, Thando, Johan, and Johan’s wife’s search for Bra Sol and Nicki, the plot takes a series of twists and turns that ultimately lead to the accident alluded to at the beginning of the film.

Performances That Collide

The cast of Collision does not have many opportunities to demonstrate their acting abilities during the production. The film’s plot advances at a rapid pace, preventing any of the characters from being able to express genuine emotions or act in a way that would make the audience care about them.

Dabula, Vazi, Kirkwood, and Sneedon have the most screen time, and their performances are rather average in comparison to what their roles and the narrative need.

However, Dabula deserves special praise because he is the one who propels the plot ahead, yet despite his best efforts, he cannot redeem the story by himself.

Overall, the film is little more than a collection of befuddled actors who may have excelled in their roles if the script had been more effective.

Collision has the proper idea with its scenario, which tries to illustrate corruption, class disparity, deeply rooted racism, and discrimination in the society. Positives Collision’s context is appropriate for its concept. The environment is wonderfully constructed, and the tension between the heroes’ conflicting groups is apparent.

The presentation is very appealing. The editing, particularly the use of colour grading and camera angles, does an excellent job of emphasising the beauty of Johannesburg.

What Criticisms Say About Collision?

Collision fails badly when it comes to justifying the themes it brings, even if we consider them to be a positive part of the picture. Aside from the initial phase of world-building, the film is solely about money and making stupid decisions.

The writing is difficult to comprehend, the pacing is inconsistent, and the plot is all over the place.

The segment of the narrative involving Dinoko, Palesa, and the immigrant rebellion appears manufactured and is completely out of sync with the main kidnapping plot. It appears that the filmmakers attempted to do the themes of prejudice and class distinction in the film justice, but they were unsuccessful. It’s as if you’re simultaneously watching two completely different movies.

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Collision has too much content crammed into too little time, a condition that generally makes a film’s running time more entertaining. It attempts to be both delicate and high-octane, but fails miserably at both. The substandard acting does not help matters, however.

Netflix Film Clip

Publication Date of Collision

On July 16, 2022, this outstanding video was made available to the public for viewing.

Cast of the Film Collision

The cast member of Collision is Langley Kirkwood. Johan Grasser Diane Greer, Tessa Jubber, and Zoey Sneddon Nicki Grasser, Bonko Cosmo Khoza, Larry, Sebeng, Thando, Vuyo Dabula, Siphesihle Vazi. SameMakhoba, along with numerous other notable figures.


Collision is a disappointing Netflix release after the success of Trees of Peace, another film about Africa. You can watch it even if your watch list is empty, but if you’re looking for something truly exceptional to lose yourself in, this film is not it.

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