Cody Johnson Songs: What is Johnson’s Top 10 Popular Song?

This list of the Top 10 Cody Johnson Songs includes “On My Way to You,” “Til You Can’t,” and more of his best songs. Born and raised in Texas Cody Johnson first made a name for himself as a country music artist with the release of his first album, Black and White Label, under the name CoJo in 2006. It wasn’t his big break on any US Billboard charts yet, but it was the beginning of a young man’s career that was destined for greatness.

He and his father, Carl Johnson, played in a band with Nathan Reedy on drums around the time the first album came out. After that, Matt Rogers joined the band as the lead guitarist, and Live and Rocking was their first live album. When this show was over, Johnson’s dad quit the band. In 2009, Danny Salinas, a bass guitarist, took his place. In September of that same year, the album Six Strings One Dream came out.

Cody Johnson’s band would get more fans thanks to this album, which had three singles that made it into the top ten on the Texas music charts. After that, the band added fiddler Chris Whitten and lead guitarist Jeff Smith. Whitten was only in the band for a short time before Jody Bartula took his place in 2010.

Johnson’s fourth studio album was called “A Different Day,” and it came out in October 2011. Johnson won the Texas Regional Music Award for New Male Vocalist of the Year for this album in 2011. This led the country singer to quit his day job and focus on music full-time.

When Cowboy Like Me came out in January 2014, it was the first time Johnson’s music was on any of the US Billboard charts. It reached number 7 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart and number 33 on the US Billboard 200. At this point, Cody Johnson’s number of fans was still growing, especially outside of Texas.

Gotta Be Me did even better in 2016, when it sold 23,000 copies in its first week, compared to the 8,000 copies it sold in its first week in 2014. This is a big deal because this album was still made by Johnson on his own, without the help of a major record label.

Not until 2019’s Ain’t’ Nothin’ to It did he record and release a song through a major label, Warner Music Nashville. Human: The Double Album, his second album with this label, came out in 2021. It was the eighth album he had made overall.

Top 10 Cody Johnson Songs

#10 – Cowboy Like Me

“Cowboy Like Me” was a song from Cody Johnson’s 2014 album with the same name. It showed how he grew up as a cowboy and how that part of him still runs through his veins. In this great ballad, he also paid tribute to the special woman in his life who stood by him and helped him while he lived his life as a real cowboy who went to honky-tonk bars and rodeos.

Cody Johnson rode bulls on the rodeo circuit before he became a country music star. He did this until he realised that he also loved to perform music. It also pays better, even though the music business can be as bumpy as a ride on a wild bucking bull. At the start of “Cowboy Like Me,” someone changes the radio station until they hear wise words that cowboys like Johnson can relate to.

#9 – Texas Kind of Way

Some of the best music ever made has a connection to the roots of the recording artist, who shares a part of himself or herself along with the pride that comes with it.

Cody Johnson’s song “Texas Kind of Way” shows not only how proud he is to be born and raised in Texas, but also how proud he is of a state that has mostly stayed true to its roots, even as the rest of the country changes in ways that may or may not be seen as progress.

Cody Johnson’s song from his 2009 album, Six Strings One Dream, was one of three that made it to the top of the Texas music charts. This shows how much he loves his home and country.

#8 – By Your Grace

“By Your Grace,” a single from the album Human: The Double Album that came out in 2022, was especially popular with Christians because it was an acoustic song that showed Cody Johnson at his most honest. As he sings and plays “By Your Grace,” it’s clear that he’s talking to Jesus Christ, his saviour.

As a man who is still haunted by the sins of his past, he asks God to give him the grace he needs to get through hard times and become a better person. Whether you’re a Christian or not, this is a very inspiring song that can help you use your faith to get over your fears and let go of the things from your past that are holding you back.

#7 – Ain’t Nothin’ to It

The album’s title song, “Ain’t Nothin’ to It,” reached its highest point in 2019 at number 42 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. “Ain’t Nothin’ to It” was the third hit from the album. It was the first sign that Cody Johnson wasn’t just a one-hit wonder. The world of country music has a star who is ready to join the big leagues of legends in Nashville as a world-class performer.

Johnson showed his raw talent to bridge old-school and new-school music and make it a fan favourite classic by putting together a great mix of modern and traditional country. “Ain’t Nothing to It” was another one of Johnson’s many songs that told a story from his past. Before he became a country music recording artist, he was a bull rider. When a person really wants to do something and is willing to put in the work, the only thing that can get in the way is a refusal to let go of the ego.

#6 – Dear Rodeo (Featuring Reba McEntire)

Cody Johnson’s first duet with another country star that became a hit on the US Billboards was called “Dear Rodeo.” Reba McEntire, a country music superstar, was a part of this song, and the difference in their voices made them sound great together.

“Dear Rodeo” reached number 43 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and number 49 on the RPM Canadian Country Tracks chart after it was released as a single in 2020. It was the fourth hit song from the album Ain’t Nothing to It, which came out on January 18, 2019.

Through the eyes of a rodeo star, which is what Johnson was before he became a recording artist, he and Reba McEntire tell a story about how awesome strength can be when it is used to overcome challenges. The key to getting through any problem is to learn how to turn the page and leave the past behind as you move on to something better.

#5 – Wild as You

“Wild as You” became a number 53 hit on the US Billboard Country Airplay chart after it was released as the second single from the album Gotta Be Me in 2017. Even though its highest position on the charts may not seem like a big deal, the fact that this was done by an independent label that didn’t have as much commercial promotion as a major label is still impressive.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) also gave it a gold certification. This gives “Wild as You” the right to be called a country song gem worth its weight. Cody Johnson was at his best in this fiddle-playing ballad. In it, he shows how vulnerable he is while appreciating his love interest for who and what she is, which in his eyes makes her the perfect woman.

#4 – Nothin’ on You

There’s a reason why “Nothin’ on You” was named a gold hit single by the RIAA. Cody Johnson’s best-selling song to date, “On My Way to You,” was followed by “Ain’t Nothin’ to It,” which was released as a single in 2019 and reached number 43 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Before Johnson’s lyrics, the song starts with an acoustic hint of longing. This keeps going, adding the beauty of traditional country music to an already great love song. “Nothin’ on You” is the perfect country ballad to play for that special someone when you just want to show how much you care.

#3 – With You I Am

Cody Johnson’s first single to make an official US Billboard music chart was “With You I Am.” After it came out in 2016, it reached number 46 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, putting Johnson on the map as a country music star with a lot of potential. Johnson was still recording and putting out music under his own label, CoJo, at the time. Gotta Be Me, which came out on August 5, 2016, had the song “With You I Am” on it. Because of how honest it is, this song has a place in the hearts of music fans, no matter what kind of music they like.

#2 – Til You Can’t

Cody Johnson’s first single to reach number one on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and the RPM Canadian Country Tracks chart was “Til You Can’t.” This was his first hit as a country music recording artist. It was also his biggest hit, reaching number 18 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

This hopeful 2021 single from his eighth album, Human: The Double Album, was a source of musical inspiration for people who had to deal with the dark times this world has been giving us lately. So, the next time you feel down because you think the world is out to get you, give “Til You Can’t” a good listen to remind yourself that you may be stronger than you think.

#1 – On My Way to You

Cody Johnson’s seventh album, Ain’t Nothin’ to It, came out in 2018. It was also his first album released by a major record label, Warner Music Nashville. “On My Way to You” was so popular with fans that it was certified platinum by the RIAA. It reached number 13 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, number 20 on the RIAA Canadian Country Tracks chart, and number 78 on the US Billboard Hot 100 as a crossover hit. Johnson got the idea for the song from his wife, to whom he sings that he’s coming home after being on the road for so long.

Popular recording artists like Johnson have a level of success that may make the average person jealous. However, the amount of time they spend on the road for tours and promotions has been known to put a strain on even the strongest relationships. As cool as it may be for some of the biggest stars in the music business, sometimes the desire to go home and be with that special someone is enough to keep people true to themselves and not let money and fame change them.

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