Christmas Jokes: What Family Activities Can Improve the Festive Period?


Christmas is approaching, and what is the holiday season without a good laugh shared with family?

Whether you share them with family over Christmas Eve dinner or send them to friends, funny Christmas jokes for children are an excellent way to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Here are the fifty best Christmas jokes for children that will make them laugh as hard as Santa himself. Don’t be surprised if they make the entire family, from the youngest to the oldest, laugh.

50 Smart and Funny Christmas Jokes for Children!

  1. How would a sheep wish you a Merry Christmas? Flee-ee-ce Navidad!
  2. What did Santa’s little helper friends study in school? The Elves’ alphabet
  3. What do you believe the elves do after school has ended? The gnome’s labour
  4. A child giggling with Christmas ornaments.
  5. Why do you believe Frosty the Snowman is so popular? Come on, now! Since he is COOL!
  6. What is Santa’s preferred location for delivering gifts? Idaho-ho-ho!
  7. What did the Christmas card’s stamp say? We’ll go places if you stick with me!
  8. What rhymes with “Oh, Oh, Oh”? Santa going backward!
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  10. Family members telling jokes during Christmas dinner.
  11. What do you believe snowmen are wearing on their heads? The Ice Caps
  12. The day before Christmas, what did Adam say to Eve? Today is Christmas Eve!
  13. What follows the holiday season? This is the letter S.
  14. What do you believe is the Christmas tree’s preferred sweet? They are Orna-Mints
  15. Why was the Snowman interested in carrots? Because he was Nose-Picking!
  16. How can you claim that Christmas Day is identical to your job? You do all of the work, but a fat man in a nice suit receives all of the credit.
  17. Where does the Polar Bear cast his ballot? The Northern Vote
  18. Why was Santa’s little helper so depressed and morose? Due to his extremely low self-esteem.
  19. What do you believe the name of an irate Reindeer is? Rude-olph
  20. On Christmas Eve, what do you call a cat sitting on the beach? These are the Sandy Claws.
  21. In which year does the New Year precede Christmas? Each Year
  22. What is “her Majesty’s” Christmas broadcast called? The One Program
  23. What did the pop culture dancers consume during the holiday season? Twerky!
  24. What type of ball can you throw without expecting it to bounce? The snowflake
  25. Why does the Christmas tree annually visit the barber? It must be trimmed.
  26. What do you think snowmen consume for breakfast? A serving of Frosted Flakes
  27. What are Santa’s little helpers called? Subordinating clauses
  28. What did Santa ask Rudolph about the Christmas day’s weather?
  29. “Will it rain, sweetheart?”
  30. What did the Doctor tell the furious advent calendar? Unfortunately, your days are numbered!
  31. What is the name for the child in your group who does not believe in Santa Claus? A rebel devoid of Santa!
  32. What is Santa’s preferred motorbike? Holly Davidson’s
  33. What do you call a Santa who is cash-strapped? Santa Nickel-less
  34. What type of food is the snowman’s favourite? The Iceberg-ers!
  35. What do reindeer use to embellish their Christmas trees? Horn-aments
  36. What do you call Santa when he ceases to move? The Christmas Halt
  37. What is it called when Santa Claus becomes a detective? Clues. Santa Clues!
  38. Children giggling around a Christmas tree
  39. What did the beaver say to the Christmas tree following a lengthy discussion? It was a pleasure to chew you!
  40. How does Darth Vader enjoy his Christmas turkey? On the gloomy side!
  41. Do you recognise the child who was terrified of Santa? He was Christmas-phobic.
  42. How does Rudolph know that Christmas is quickly approaching? He mentions the Calen-deer.
  43. What is the one thing that can fall on the North Pole without causing harm? It is snowing!
  44. What do you believe Santa’s nationality to be? He is Arctic-like.
  45. What do the monkeys sing during the holiday season? The Jungle Bells!
  46. What is the best Christmas gift available? A broken drum. It simply cannot be beat!
  47. What is created when a vampire and a snowman mate? A Frostbite
  48. What do you call photographs of elves? The Fairies!
  49. How do the Snowmen travel from place to place? They ride on the iceberg!
  50. Why does Santa Claus always descend chimneys? Because he is sooted!
  51. How does the snowman slim down? He looks forward to warmer weather!
  52. What do you call a greedy elf? They are known as Elfish.
  53. What does the gingerbread man sleep with? The baking trays
  54. What does Santa do when his elves behave improperly? He hands them the bag!
  55. Each year, how does the snow globe feel? A little shaken!
  56. How long are the legs of an elf? Only sufficient to reach the ground!
  57. What is worse than a runny-nosed reindeer? A snowman with the flu!
  58. What was Santa’s dog’s name? Santa Paws!
  59. What is green, adorned with tinsel, and makes a ribbit, ribbit sound? The Mistletoe.
  60. How does Santa photograph? Obviously with a Pole-aroid camera.
  61. Why does Santa Claus not visit the hospital? He receives personal elf care.
  62. Who is never hungry during the holidays? The turkey is perpetually stuffed.
  63. What is the name for an elf wearing earplugs? “Anything you like. You cannot be heard!”
  64. Who is the warmest during the winter? A long jumper!
  65. What does Rudolph desire for the holidays? A station for sleighs pulled by ponies.
  66. Why do mummies enjoy the holiday so much? Due to all the packaging!
  67. Where does Santa’s sleigh stop for a cup of coffee? Star-bucks!
  68. Which heavy metal band does Santa listen to? Why did Santa Claus receive a parking citation on
  69. Christmas Eve? His sleigh was abandoned in a snow parking zone.
  70. What is the offspring of a Christmas tree and an iPad? A pineapple!

This is the time of year when everyone enjoys their holidays and family ties, so why not have some Christmas jokes for children? In December, it is easy to become overwhelmed by shopping and lose sight of the true spirit of the season. You can always keep your laughter to yourself, but since it is the season of giving, you should probably share it with those you care about the most.

Something about the Christmas season makes one feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And it’s even better when there are jokes for infants to adults that are appropriate for children.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Family Activities Can Improve the Festive Period?

The Christmas season is already characterised by a warm and loving atmosphere, but a little humour and amusement make it even better! Christmas can be made more delightful by telling jokes to one another, watching classic Christmas films, and creating Christmas decorations.

What Are the Advantages of Christmas Humour?

“Laughter and humour produce a rush of feel-good hormones, which gives children a rush of happiness,” as stated by schoolteacher Andy Cope. This is not surprising given that children enjoy jokes, puns, practical jokes, and pranks. These Christmas jokes for young children can be an engaging and positive activity for them.

What Types of Christmas Jokes Work Best With Children of All Ages?

Since children of all ages celebrate Christmas, any appropriate joke format is appropriate for children during the holiday season. There are hilarious Christmas jokes for kindergarten students and for students of all ages. The most successful types of jokes are:

  • One-liners
  • Knock-knock jokes
  • Puns Riddles & puzzles
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