Cheer Season 2: Possible Release Date On Netflix!

Cheer Season 2

The Netflix docuseries “Cheer” had it all: jumps, flips, heartbreaks, and triumphs. As they prepared to compete in the 2019 National Championships, the Navarro College cheerleaders in Corsicana, Texas, won over audiences with their honest and gripping depiction of the physical and emotional journeys undertaken by the group of incredible college athletes in the small Texas town.

Just in time for COVID-19, the first season of the show aired in January of 2020. The virus cast doubt on the show’s future, forcing the cancellation of the national cheer championship and a shift in educational focus from on-campus instruction to online instruction. A high-profile scandal involving a cast member put the future of the show in doubt. Here’s what we know so far about “Cheer” Season 2, which is still in development.

Cheer Season 2: Possible Release Date On Netflix!

What Is the Release Date of Cheer Season 2?

In a way, the six-episode run of the show was akin to the Navarro Bulldogs’ two-and-a-half-minute routines that they practice all year in anticipation of performing at Nationals. “Cheer” immersed viewers in the highly specialized and competitive world of college cheerleading, particularly in the microcosm of Navarro, through a combination of intense athletic sequences and deep dives into the personal lives and backgrounds of five cast members. Monica Aldama became the team’s head coach in 2000, and her combination of tough love and fierce devotion to her “kids” made her an instantly recognizable figure.

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COVID-19’s delay in filming is understandable given the show’s focus on a college campus and a major competition that attracts athletes from around the world to Daytona, Florida. Aldama expressed her displeasure with the cancellation of the championships to TMZ in March 2020. According to her, this decision was “inevitable” in light of current events and the state of the country. “Despite this, my heart aches for the memories and time I will have missed with my wonderful team. To say goodbye so quickly made me ill-prepared.” The glimmer of hope she offered for the team’s future was welcome. It is clear to me that we will return stronger than ever!

In 2021, the Navarro team will be back in Daytona, according to Monica Aldama’s Instagram. Netflix may or may not have been documenting the team’s preparations, but fans can at least tune in here for now.

Cheer Season 2: Possible Release Date On Netflix!

Who Are the Cheer 2 Cast Members?

As viewers, we were able to get to know five incredible cheerleaders and their journeys to Navarro, which made “Cheer” so compelling. There was a different story for each of the wrestlers on the show, from Morgan Simianer, who was abandoned by her parents and was raised by her grandparents, to La’Darius Marshall, who had to deal with an addicted mother and the struggle to express his queerness in a hypermasculine world.

The return of Lexi Brumback, who has kicked off the team for having illegal substances in her system, and Morgan’s decision to stay in Corsicana for another year raises the question of who else might return. In the event that the show returns for a second season, it is safe to assume that one cast member will not be returning.

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At the age of 18, Jerry Harris was arrested for soliciting sex from an underage cheerleader at a cheerleading competition in 2018. He was charged with child pornography and is currently facing seven additional counts, including soliciting sex from a minor. Fellow actors expressed their shock at the allegations against Jerry, who was a popular character before they were made public.

In a statement, La’Darius said, “I feel as though I have had the wind knocked out of me.” In my own life, I’ve experienced the trauma of sexual abuse as a child, and I know firsthand how difficult it can be to adjust to life after such a traumatic event. Gabi Butler shared her thoughts on social media, writing: “Sobbing uncontrollably and trying to understand how something like this could happen have been my constant companions since I heard the news. Even though Jerry and I were teammates for many years, I never saw or heard of anything like what has been alleged about him.”

Cheer Season 2: Possible Release Date On Netflix!

Are There Any New Routines in Season 2 of Cheer

“Cheer” would not be the same without the presence of Coach Monica, and we are confident that she will return when the show returns. Aldama is still employed by Navarro, where he works in protective gear and is subjected to random testing. In fact, she even mentioned that she recently received her vaccine.

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Instagram posts show that the team’s routines are as audacious and impressive as they have always been, pushing the limits of physical strength and sportsmanship to their absolute limit. In addition to their incredible routines, the team’s energy and drive are a big part of what makes them so enjoyable to watch.

To put it another way: The show isn’t just about what they do on stage; it’s about what it takes to make it happen. “Cheer” is about the bumps in the road to greatness, not perfection. While the flawless routines are breathtaking, it’s the injuries, setbacks, and doubts that make the show so compelling. Cheer should return soon with more high-flying antics.

Trailer of Cheer Season 2

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