Celebs Hit Up Universal Studios in Los Angeles Night of Halloween Horror


Normal people and celebrities are both looking for thrills as Halloween approaches, which is why a lot of them are going to Universal Studios for the best scares in town.

As you may already know, Halloween Horror Nights is going on at the L.A. theme park. Some of the scariest haunted mazes in Hollywood are close by, so it’s not surprising that A-listers are coming to get their share.

So far, stars like Billie Eilish, Jordyn Woods, and her boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns have been there. You might think they’re yelling, but they’re all just cheesing.

Los Angeles Night of Halloween Horror

Bebe Rexha also stopped by for HHH, but it looks like her visit was a little more scary because she looks like she’s going crazy. It could be either that or just putting on a show for the camera.

This season, actress Kiernan Shipka also went swimming. She looked a little more calm than Bebe did next to a bunch of monsters, but that could be because she works on the scary as hell witch show “Sabrina” on Netflix.

Shawn Mendes also stopped by to pose with the performers and show off his white teeth. He didn’t look like he was scared or anything.

Los Angeles Night of Halloween Horror

The attraction is known for trying to scare people as close as possible, but these people aren’t allowed to touch you, no matter how close they get.

This rule probably applies even more to rich and famous people who might stop by on Halloween. In other words, these nice people aren’t likely to be scared or bothered too much.

We, on the other hand, are a little bit more so.

Also, celebrities like Chloe Bridges, JWoww, Jodie Sweetin, Chlo Grace Moretz, Ty Dolla $ign, and Victoria Justice have all shown face (or mask) over the past few weeks in support of Halloween Horror Nights.

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