Caroline Stanbury Net Worth: How Much Does She Make?

Caroline Stanbury is a London-based British reality TV personality, social media celebrity, and businesswoman. She is most recognized for her appearance as the primary cast member in the famous reality television series Ladies of London in 2014.

Caroline Stanbury is well-known for her roles as a leading cast member on a variety of television programs, such as “The Real Housewives of Dubai” (RHODubai) in the year 2022 and “E! News Live” in the year 1996. Both of these appearances contributed to her rise to fame.

Caroline has established herself as one of the leading television personalities. Her remuneration for appearing on the famous show Ladies of London was an average of ten thousand dollars per episode while employed there.

Caroline Stanbury Net Worth

In addition, Stanbury appeared in a cameo role on the popular reality television show “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.” She is a podcaster and stylist and has appeared on several television shows.

Early Life

Caroline Alice Stanbury-Habib was brought into the world on the 28th of April 1976 and was brought up in London by her parents, Anthony Stanbury and Elizabeth Stanbury. Her mom is the principal designer and the owner of a knitwear company. Her dad is recognized as a venture capitalist and a former managing director of a well-known fashion brand Jeager. Her dad is also known for his involvement in the fashion industry.

She was one of three children, the others named Victoria and Alexander, and they all grew up together. At a young age, Caroline followed in the footsteps of both of her parents by developing an interest in the fashion industry as well as the entertainment industry.

After completing her studies at Westonbirt School in Gloucestershire, Caroline studied at King’s College London. She received her diploma from the former institution. She launched her career in the fashion industry with her family’s unwavering backing and encouragement.


Stanbury began her professional life working as a personal stylist, which eventually led to the founding of her own business, which she called Gift Library, in 2008. The company specializes in the sale of jewelry, gourmet candies, and other high-end retail items. Before establishing this company, she was a public relations professional for some of London’s most well-known families.

Caroline Stanbury Net Worth

In 2013, Caroline purchased a wedding list provider in London known as The Wedding Shop, which resulted in her company’s expansion. Then, Caroline had already established herself as an influential figure and a brand ambassador for several different businesses. In addition to that, she started getting offers to work with them, and Caroline ended up working with companies including Berkeley Assets, Al Barari, and CosmeSurge.

The opportunity that Caroline Stanbury received in 2014 to join the cast of the reality television show Ladies of London, which was produced by Bravo and followed the lives of seven of the most prominent celebrities in London, was the defining moment in her professional life. She appeared in all three seasons of the reality show, which ran from 2007 to 2017, and became a fan-favorite character.

After canceling the Ladies of London series in 2017, Caroline continued to make guest appearances on other television shows; however, she did not begin starring in any regular television series until late 2021.

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During that time, she appeared on various programs, including Face to Face with David, Watch What Happens, and This Morning, among others. In the year 2020, Caroline decided to launch her podcast under the name Divorced Not Dead, which became one of Apple’s highest-rated podcasts.

Caroline Stanbury’s Net Worth

According to techiegamers, Caroline Stanbury will have a net worth of around $30 million by the year 2022. She is one of the most well-known television personalities in the nation, and as a result of the success of her career, she has amassed a considerable fortune for herself. The majority of her earnings come not just from her own enterprises but also from those of well-known multinational brands.

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Her company, which is known as the “Gift Company,” has become one of the most prominent and well-liked businesses among the celebs. Caroline has firmly established herself as one of the Real Housewives of Dubai cast members with the highest net worth. As indicated earlier, Stanbury was compensated with a10,000 for each episode of the hit series Ladies of London.

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Personal Life

During the course of her life, Caroline Stanbury had a number of high-profile celebrity relationships, including ones with Prince Andrew and the British actor Hugh Grant, amongst others. Caroline Stanbury and the financier Cem Habib began a romantic relationship, and in 2004, they tied the knot.

They welcomed Yasmine Habib, Aaron Habib, and Zac Habib into the world during their time together as parents. Because of several problems in their personal lives, Caroline and Cem made the decision in 2019 to end their marriage and obtain a divorce.

Caroline Stanbury Net Worth

After that, Carolien started a relationship with Sergio José Carrillo Pendás, a former soccer player. Carrillo is perhaps best recognized for his time spent playing for Real Madrid FC. and spent their childhood in Madrid, Spain.

In addition, Sergio has a net worth of $5 million and is the owner of a wealth management company called Venture, whilst Caroline has amassed an incredible net worth of $30 million. Raffles The Palm Dubai’s venue played host to the couple’s extravagant wedding celebration.

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