Call Of The Night Season 2: When Can New Episodes of Call of the Night Be Expected? 2022


“Call of the Night” is also known as “Yofukashi no Uta.” This is a supernatural romance anime based on Kotoyama’s manga series of the same name. Kou Yamori, a regular middle school student, is the protagonist. Who is bored with his routine and yearns for a deeper purpose in life.

Late at night, he encounters Nazuna Nanakusa, an intriguing young woman, by chance on a deserted street. She reveals to Kou the mysteries of the night. As they spend time together, the strength of the night’s spell becomes apparent. Initially, Nazuna appears to be just another female. However, Kou quickly realises that she is actually a vampire. And may be the key to his escape from his boring life.

However, Kou must develop romantic feelings for her prior to his transformation into a vampire. The romance anime was initially unsuccessful but finally became a smash hit. The media and anime fans appreciated the show’s plot and characters for their excellence.

As a result of the cliffhanger at the end of the pilot, viewers are curious to see how the series continues. If you are interested in this topic, continue reading; we have you covered.

The Plot of Call of the Night Season 2

Yamori ceases attending school. Because he is unable to sleep and dissatisfied with his existence. Therefore, he roams the city at night. A vampire named Nazuna Nanakusa befriends Ko and teaches him to embrace the nightlife. Ko is infatuated with her and desires to transform her into a vampire. He cannot possess her, though, until he falls in love with her.

Episode one of “Call of the Night,” titled “1st Night: Night Flight,” focuses on Ko as he contemplates the meaninglessness of existence while walking alone at night. During the course of her travels, Nazuna Nanakusa meets an intriguing young woman.

Call Of The Night Season 2

As they continue their nighttime stroll, they are surrounded by darkness. Nazun will have numerous opportunities to show Kou the night’s wonders and discover what keeps him up at weird hours. This is a comprehensive breakdown of the concluding minutes of the episode Call of the Night. Yamori slips out of his room to explore the city at night.

After becoming disillusioned with the humdrum of life, he recently withdrew himself. He refused without hesitation his classmate Kou’s marriage proposal. Kou stated that he did not know if it was rational to like someone. Because female pals bullied him.

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Season 2 Call the Night Characters & Cast

In addition to Ko Yamori and Nazuna, the following humans and vampires play major roles in the series.

At age 14, Ko Yamori is dissatisfied of being a typical adolescent and desires to become a vampire. If he wishes to transform into a vampire, he must develop feelings for Nazuna. During his evening stroll, he encounters Nazuna.

Nazuna is a reticent young woman who prefers to walk at night. Her presence in his life brings him joy.

Human characters such as Akira Asai, Mahiru Seki, Akihito Akiyama, and Kiyosumi Shirakawa are included.

Vampires Seri Kikyo, Nico Hirata, Kabura Honda, Midori Kohakobe, and Hatsuko Suzushiro.

Date of Call of the Night Season 2’s Release

The first season’s final episode aired on September 29, 2022. There is no information regarding when Season 2 of Call of the Night will broadcast or whether the show will be renewed.

Everything indicates that the animated series will return for a second season, however.

The availability of original manga chapters from Kotoyama’s series is the first indicator. Chapter 46 was adapted for Episode 13 from Manga Volume 5.

In Japan, thirteen complete Tankobon volumes have been published. Which is wonderful news for anime enthusiasts.

Call Of The Night Season 2

With this amount of available material, Liden Films may immediately begin filming Call of the Night Season 2.

The anime adaptation increased the manga’s sales, propelling Call of the Night into the Oricon Top 20 for the month of July.

In addition, it is believed that Call of the Night will be successful enough to merit a second season.

The series has been well-received by audiences worldwide. Despite the fact that HiDive does not provide official streaming numbers for simulcast titles, this is accurate.

Nonetheless, the development of Gods’ Games We Play, season 2 of Tokyo Revengers, will continue in 2019. And the second seasons of The Legends: Hero Is Dead and Insomniacs. After School and Rurouni Kenshin’s second season. Due to this, we recommend that Season 2 of Call of the Night start in October 2023.

A Preview of Call of the Night Season 2

Although Ko’s second incarnation did not share Ko’s enthusiasm for nighttime metropolitan strolls, he nevertheless enjoyed them.

Last night, Nazuna drove him a little bit insane.

Ko searched the entire street and even went to the location where she indicated Nazuna would be, but he was unable to locate her. However, she unexpectedly appeared and revealed in a casual manner that she was on the hunt for another man in need of blood.

When Nazuna explained to Ko that vampires build ties with their victims after sucking blood from one side, Ko felt somewhat depressed. Ko was so averse to finding someone to consume blood that he expressed his opposition directly to Nazuna. Sadly, Nazuna broke the stillness by admitting that she, too, had been looking for Ko.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Can New Episodes of Call of the Night Be Expected?

According to the official website, there will be thirteen episodes in total. If there are no broadcast delays, Call of the Night’s first season will conclude in late September or early October 2022.

2. Is Call of the Night an Anime Series With a Focus on Love?

Call of the Night is a slice-of-life teen romance anime with a fantasy twist, similar to Dagashi Kashi.


The price, release date, and upcoming features of Season 2 of Call of the Night can finally be revealed.

Now that you have all the information you need regarding the new season of this, let’s reach the conclusion.

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