Bunny Girl Senpai Season 2: What Will Be the Expected Season 2 Release Date?

One of the most well-liked anime releases of 2018 is “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai” (Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai), also known as “Bunny Girl Senpai.”

Based on a light novel series by Hajime Kamoshida and illustrated by Keeji Mizoguchi, the comedic, supernatural romance series. In June 2019, a movie that was an exact continuation of the anime was released.

The light book series presently has four volumes that have not yet been adopted. When will the anime series be back?

Does Bunny Girl Senpai Season 2 Have a Renewal?

The anime series “Bunny Girl Senpai” came to an end four years ago. The anime hasn’t received a second season renewal, though. There are a lot of fans that are eagerly anticipating the anime’s return for season 2. Despite some complaints that the anime is merely overhyped, the show received an amazing 8.31 rating on MyAnimeList.

So why, given the enormous interest in the anime, is it not renewed? The original material might have the solution. There are currently 11 volumes in the light novel series “Bunny Girl Senpai.” The first five volumes of the novel series were covered by the first season of the anime “Bunny Girl Senpai,” while the sixth and seventh volumes were adapted for the film version.

Bunny Girl Senpai Season 2

We must wait till the novel series’ twelfth volume is out if we assume the anime needs five volumes to produce a single season. We only have enough sources by that point. There won’t be a season 2 renewal and no production if the source material is insufficient.

The prolonged pause in anime production is typical, so don’t be alarmed. Even other well-known shows like “Bleach” and “Mushishi” had to wait nine years for fresh seasons.

What Will Be the Expected Bunny Girl Senpai Season 2 Release Date?

The wait for “Bunny Girl Senpai” season 2 will be very long and endless because there is no official renewal available. New volumes of the light novel series are released every one to two years. The 12th book might not appear until 2022, according to this.

The earliest possible release date for “Bunny Girl Senpai” Season 2 is 2023, assuming there will be sufficient source material and the anime is renewed for season 2 by next year.

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Again, these times are only projections. When further information becomes available, we will need to monitor the updates and adjust this section accordingly.

It Will Be Based on the Plot of Bunny Girl Senpai Season 2 (Light Novel Volumes 7–11).

Volumes 1 through 4 of the light novels were adapted for the first season of the anime. The events of light novel volumes 5 and 6 are detailed in the movie. In keeping with this custom, I hazard a guess that the second season will adapt the storylines from volumes 7 to 11.

Accordingly, I have provided the summary of volume 7 of Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai from YenPress below to give an idea of how the second season of the anime will begin.

“Sakuta had already decided to end his life, but nothing could have prepared him for continuing to live in such a way. He now needs to figure out how to keep going even when it seems like there will be no tomorrow. Even if it does, he shouldn’t care because his true love has already passed away.

Bunny Girl Senpai Season 2

Shouko will, of course, always be there to guide him in his hour of need, just as she did all those years before. Sakuta gets ready to do whatever it takes to change the past as he musters the courage and power Mai provided him.

You may get a general idea of how the season will begin with this. To overcome the challenges in his life, Sakuta will require a lot of help from Shouko and Mai. We are hopeful that he will be able to reverse the current grim situation and triumph once more, as he usually does. You have my support, Sakuta!

Bunny Girl Senpai Season 2 Cast: Reprising Their Old Roles

The corresponding voice performers took on their roles again for the movie. It is safe to presume that the voice actors will return if Bunny Girl Senpai Season 2 is approved. The voice performers are listed in bullet points below, along with some of their major roles.

  • Kaito Ishikawa as Sakuta Azusagawa
  • Inori Minase as Shouko Makinohara
  • Asami Seto as Mai Sakurajima
  • Atusmi Tanezaki as Rio Futaba
  • Nao Touyama as Tomoe Koga
  • Maaya Uchida as Nodoka Toyohama
  • Yuuma Uchida as Yuuma Kunimi

Where Can You Watch Bunny Girl Senpai?

Funimation, Hulu, Crunchyroll, or even Amazon Prime Video are all places where you can watch the Bunny Girl Senpai anime series and movie. Netflix does not currently have it, at least not in the USA.

Bunny Girl Senpai Trailer


What is the Story of Bunny Girl Senpai?

Mai Sakurajima, a famous youngster who is presently a senior inactive high school, is the real name of the bunny girl. Her attractive appearance does not appear to others for whatever reason. Sakuta starts to examine his feelings for Mai as he unravels the enigma of this phenomena.

What Disease Does Senpai From Bunny Girl Have?

The “puberty syndrome” is a bizarre condition that is the subject of an urban tale that circulates online. According to the mythology, the condition can affect both boys and girls who have mental instability.

Will There Be a Season 2 for Bunny Girl Senpai?

Now, will Bunny Girl Senpai Season 2 have any official news or announcements? Sadly, the response is no. Season 2 has not yet received any updates from the creators. The 2019 movie was a signal that the series’ developers have plans for it.


A Bunny Girl Senpai anime season 2 would please many anime lovers, but it will probably take some time given the dearth of source material. A new season of this series is essentially a given, however it all depends on the author and how quickly he can write.

If new information becomes available, this article will be updated. For the time being, feel free to check out other anime sequels or just let fellow Bunny Girl Senpai fans know about this post.

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