Bugs Bunny Challenge on Tiktok

Bugs Bunny Tik Tok

So, another TikTok craze has swept the internet, right? It’s the Bugs Bunny Challenge this time around. When we initially heard about it, it sounded as though there were a plethora of possibilities. There may be a competition where individuals strive to mimic the television character’s voice. That’s all I can think of at the moment. No, there isn’t. Make no mistake: We’ve already seen shower onions go viral on the app, so we shouldn’t expect anything less!

Keep reading if you don’t know what all the fuss is about this new social media fad, and we’ll explain why the cartoon is so popular at the moment for you. Prepare yourself for the strangest thing you’ve ever seen…

Bugs Bunny Challenge on Tiktok

What Is Tiktok’s Bugs Bunny Challenge?

TikTok is currently trending with the “Bugs Bunny Challenge,” in which users record themselves lying on their stomachs in front of a mirror as the song “Bugs Bunny” plays, with their feet, raised so that the soles of their feet face the back of their heads. There is a cheeky side to it, however (seriously though). Later on, users push up their hips so that they appear to be above the ground and their buttocks.

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The Tiktok Bugs Bunny Challenge Has Gone Viral, and We’ve Got All the Details You Need to Know

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In February, TikTok gave us the viral ‘Hey Lol’ trend started by Khaleel. Now, the app is back with a new one. No, TikTok’s trendsetters don’t take a day off.

Sadly, it has nothing to do with our beloved cartoon rabbit, Bugs Bunny. Instead, this new trend on TikTok involves showing off one’s rear end (or your new pair of socks, maybe).

What is TikTok’s Bugs Bunny challenge, and what music is it set to? Everything we know about the TikTok Bugs Bunny challenge has been compiled here for your convenience.

Bugs Bunny Challenge on Tiktok

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What Is Tiktok’s Bugs Bunny Challenge?

Incredibly, the TikTok Bugs Bunny Challenge is currently becoming viral, and it has nothing to do with Bugs Bunny.

Participants are instructed to lie on their stomachs with their feet behind their heads to imitate rabbit ears for the duration of the challenge. A pair of flopping rabbit ears, they then raise their buttocks to the sky before lowering them again.

When the TikTok video of a Doberman with massive fangs was posted in August 2020, the song was included in the video’s soundtrack.

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