Is the Wedding of Neymar’s Ex-girlfriend Real? Bruna Marquezine’s Wedding Video Explained!

A video of Neymar and his ex-girlfriend Bruna Marquezine that went viral on TikTok has brought them to the attention of people on social media.

The Brazilian soccer player and Bruna, an actress and model, started dating in 2012. They broke up for good in 2018.

People all over the world have heard about them after a supposed wedding video went viral on sites like TikTok and Twitter. Here’s how to understand the popular video.

Neymar and Bruna’s Video Explained

A video of Neymar and his ex-girlfriend Bruna at a wedding is going around on several social media sites. Bruna is wearing a long blue dress that looks like it was made for bridesmaids because there are a few other girls wearing dresses that look like it.

bruna marquezine wedding

Before it went viral on Twitter and Instagram, the clip was popular on TikTok.

Is Bruna’s Wedding Video Real?

No, Bruna Marquezine did not get married, and Neymar will not be there! Since Bruna and the other girls in the clip are all wearing blue dresses, it looks like they are all bridesmaids.

If you look for the video online, you will find a lot of versions that have been posted on YouTube in the last few months. But since it was posted on TikTok, the clip seems to have gone viral.

One person on social media said, “This video is going viral on TikTok, but it’s all fake. The girl is Bruna Marquezine, who used to be Neymar’s girlfriend. As you can see from the video, she was a bridesmaid at a wedding they went to together. She’s also not married.

Fans React to the Viral Video

People were probably confused by the viral video and thought that Neymar went to the wedding of his ex-girlfriend. But many people have pointed out that the video wasn’t real.

One Twitter user said, “I didn’t know what Bruna’s role was in this wedding, but at least I knew it wasn’t hers, but her best friend’s.”

“He was at a friend’s wedding with his ex-girlfriend. Even see his ex-girlfriend Bruna as a bridesmaid in it,” said someone else. Someone else also said, “That video of Neymar’s wedding is fake. His ex wasn’t even in the wedding.

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