Bruce Lee Cause of Death: What is Linda’s Message? Detailed Info!


A stunning discovery fifty years after the death of the LEGEND! Ironically, the author of the phrase “Be Water My Friend” died from drinking too much water. Let’s look more closely.

The Demise of the Myth Bruce Lee

In 1973, at the age of 32, Bruce Lee, the famed martial artist, passed away in Hong Kong. However, it was considered that cerebral edoema – a brain swelling – was the cause of death. After a physician diagnosed him with cerebral edoema, he collapsed. Bruce Lee has acknowledged to consuming Nepalese hash before to his hospitalisation.

The Conspiracy Theories Surrounding Bruce Lee’s Death

For almost a decade, Bruce Lee’s death has been the most controversial topic, with several conspiracy theories surrounding it.


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According to one such idea, Chinese criminals murdered Bruce Lee. Some others say that he was poisoned by a lover, or that he was cursed.

A Shocking Disclosure Concerning Bruce Lee’s Death

However, researchers have made a stunning discovery.

According to a study published in the Clinical Kidney Journal, Bruce Lee’s death may have been caused by hyponatremia. Hyponatremia occurs when the kidney fails to eliminate excess water. As a result, the blood salt concentration decreases.

According to research, he may have drank more water in the form of juice and protein drinks, which may have contributed to his demise.

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The Pathology

Bruce Lee’s autopsy found that his brain had enlarged beyond the typical size. Therefore, it was determined that the brain enlargement caused by the painkiller was the cause of death, and not poison.

What is Linda’s Message?

In the book “Bruce Lee – A Life” by Matthew Polly, his wife Linda states that he drank some water that made him fatigued and thirsty, and that he shortly complained of a headache and felt dizzy. He took the pain reliever Equagesic to alleviate his headache. However, two hours after consumption, he was unresponsive.

Linda further revealed that Bruce Lee at one point gave up solid foods and changed to an entirely liquid-based diet consisting of apple and carrot juice.

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Bruce Lee’s Legacies Survive!

Bruce Lee suffered from cerebral edoema two months prior to his passing. Hyponatremia may have been caused by his marijuana use, alcohol intake, low-sodium diet, prescription medicines, and fitness programme.


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Although hyponatremia is related with high water intake, Lee’s water intake was not excessive, but it may have been for an athlete of his calibre.

Lee’s legacy as a martial artist carries on as a video game and fighting game character.

His sage advise, “be water, my buddy,” should be taken with a grain of salt. Will forever remain with us! He is still with us constantly!

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