Brett Somers Cause of Death: Let’s Talk About How Brett Somers Died!


Brett Somers (born Audrey Dawn Johnston on July 11, 1924; passed away on September 15, 2007) was a Canadian-American game show host, actress, and singer. Brett was well-known for her work as a panellist on the 1970s game show Match Game and as Blanche Madison on The Odd Couple, where she co-starred with her real-life husband, actor Jack Klugman, in recurring roles.

The young Audrey Dawn Johnston was raised in the Portland region of Maine, not far from Halcomb, New Brunswick, where she was born. To pursue an acting career, she came to New York City at age 18 and settled in Greenwich Village. The protagonist of Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises is named Brett. Her choice of last name was based on her mother’s maiden name, Somers.

Information Relating to Brett Somers

She married Robert H. Klein, a New York businessman, instead of the famous comedian in 1948. They had one kid, Leslie Klein, who passed away in 2003 from lung cancer, and they split after a brief marriage. The couple’s children were named David and Adam. She wed actor Jack Klugman in 1953, and the couple had two sons.

Long believed that Somers and Klugman divorced in 1974 but remained legally married until her death; this misconception was perpetuated by the fact that Klugman did not marry his second wife until after Somers’ death. Nonetheless, according to court filings from California, the couple separated in August of that year. Somers did not become a citizen of the United States until his forties.

Brett Somers Cause of Death

Somers’ earliest television appearances included the Philco Television Playhouse, Kraft Television Theatre, Playhouse 90, and Robert Montgomery Presents when she joined the Actors Studio in 1952. She made her Broadway debut as the lead in the play Maybe Tuesday. The show was a failure after only five performances and had to be closed. She co-starred with Klugman in the films The Seven Year Itch and The Country Girl. Her numerous film roles include A Rage to Live and Bus Riley’s Back in Town.

Brett Somers’s Profession

In 1952, Brett Somers joined the Actors Studio, which helped establish her career. The Actors Studio in Manhattan, New York City, offers seasoned actors, directors, and playwrights the chance to learn from one another. This group was just five years old when Brett joined and received acting instruction. She began her career as an actress by starring in a few dramatic television programmes. They include, among others, Robert Montgomery Presents and Playhouse 90.

Brett Somers, as was the dream of every actor, was a multiple-time Broadway performer. Her first performance was a terrible flop, a nightmare for any actress. Before being prematurely terminated, there were just five performances of the play “Maybe Tuesday.” Somers remained unfazed and pursued her career. Among the films in which she finally appeared were The Seven Year Itch and The Country Girl. The Country Girl was a tragic play that dealt with alcoholism when it opened in 1954.

This talented actress made another television appearance in the ABC sitcom The Odd Couple, in which she portrayed Blanche. Jack Klugman, who portrayed Oscar Madison, Blanche Madison’s husband in the film, was also her husband in real life. 1978 science fiction programme Battlestar Galactica featured Brett Somers as Siress Belloby. She has appeared in recurring roles on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Defenders, Ben Casey, The Fugitive, and the Mary Tyler Moore Show, among other television programmes.

She may be best known for her appearance on the television game show Match Game. Brett Somers was a frequent panellist on the CBS-owned programme. She rapidly gained notoriety for her eccentric wigs and enormous eyeglasses. Brett was a member of the game show’s cast and crew for nine years. Is it known that her husband, Jack Klugman, conceived of her appearance on the show? She executed the plan successfully! During a parody of the game show, on-air personality Robin Quivers portrayed her at one point. Her own show, An Evening With Brett Somers, lasted from 2003 to 2004.

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Status of Brett Somers’s Relationships

During her lifetime, Brett Somers was married twice. Following her relocation to New York City, she wed Robert Klein. Because of their marriage, Leslie was born. A few years into their marriage, the couple divorced. In 1953, she married fellow actor Jack Klugman, and the union produced two children, David and Adam. Despite the fact that they remained married until her passing, they reportedly separated in 1977. After the death of Brett Somers, Klugman remarried.

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Brett Somers, ‘Match Game’ Wit, Dies at 83

Brett Somers impressed audiences with her humour and intelligence when she appeared on the popular 1970s quiz show “Match Game,” which was hosted by Brett Somers. During this time, she was 83 years old. Her son Adam Klugman stated that his mother passed away from stomach and colon cancer.

“Match Game” was a game show presented by Gene Rayburn in which contestants fought against a panel of celebrities who delivered obscene comments and putdowns in answer to meaningless questions. GSN continues to broadcast episodes from the show’s 1973-1979 run, including episodes starring Somers, Dawson, and Reilly (formerly Game Show Network.) In 1953, Mrs. Somers wed the future “Quincy” and “The Odd Couple” star Jack Klugman. They separated in 1974, but never divorced.

She portrayed Mr. Klugman’s ex-wife in a number of episodes of “The Odd Couple.” Audrey Johnston was born and raised in Portland, Maine, but as a child she relocated to New Brunswick, Canada. At the age of 17, Greenwich Village became her new residence.

Brett was chosen as an homage to the protagonist of Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises.” Her mother’s maiden name was Somers, which she inherited. In addition to Adam Klugman, Ms. Somers is also survived by a second son, David.

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When Did Brett Somers Die, and What Was the Cause of Her Passing?

In 2002, reports circulated that the Canadian-American actress was fighting cancer. False rumours circulated. In 2004, she was diagnosed with stomach and colon cancer. Brett Somers fought courageously while being ill. Tragically, Brett died of cancer on September 15, 2007. She passed away in Connecticut at the age of 83.

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