Boris Becker Net Worth: Won Two More Wimbledon Titles 2022

Boris Becker Net Worth: Boris Becker has a net worth of $100,000. Becker quickly became a successful tennis player.

At age 17, he won Wimbledon in 1985. He is the youngest competition champion ever.

He was rated number one in the world for the majority of his career, which included six Grand Slam victories.

Boris won three Wimbledon championships, one United States Open, and two Australian Opens.

After retiring from tennis in 1999, Becker instructed future tennis talents such as Novak Djokovic.

Becker Asserted in a 2022 Bankruptcy Lawsuit.

Becker asserted in a 2022 bankruptcy proceeding that he earned approximately $50 million throughout his tennis career.

  1. That is equivalent to around $120 million after inflation.
  2. Boris, despite his wealth, has experienced financial and legal difficulties in his senior years.
  3. Boris has been litigating in a British bankruptcy court since 2017 and will continue to do so until 2022.
  4. Boris was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for bankruptcy fraud on April 28, 2022, in London.

This case is elaborated upon in the article that follows.

Early Years

Boris Franz Becker was born in Leimen, West Germany.

Boris is a Christian. Becker learned to play tennis at the tennis centre his father owned in Leimen.
He accomplished much at a young age.


  • After turning pro in 1984, Becker won his first professional doubles match the following year. In 1985, he was the first unseeded player to win the Wimbledon singles title.
  • The next year, Becker successfully defended his Wimbledon title after a streak of unexpected victories.
  • Later, he established a fierce rivalry with Stefan Edberg.
  • By the mid-1990s, his financial and marital issues had began to interfere with his work.
  • After nearly missing the 1995 Monte Carlo Open, he retired.
  • Becker won 49 singles titles and 15 doubles titles throughout his professional tennis career.
  • Becker is notorious for having never won on clay, preferring grass instead.

Earnings From Job

  1. Throughout his career, Boris earned $50 million in salaries and sponsorships.
  2. He received exactly half of that sum via tournament prizes, just over $25 million.
  3. Inflation-adjusted, $50 million is currently worth almost $120 million.


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  1. Boris married Barbara Feltus, a model, in 1993. The couple welcomed their first kid into the world in 1994, when she was pregnant.
  2. In 1999, they had another kid. Boris submitted a divorce petition in 2000.
  3. Becker was spared a $2.5 million lump sum payment because to Barbara’s decision not to honour their prenuptial agreement.
  4. She, on the other hand, took him to court and got a significantly larger settlement.
  5. He was granted shared custody of the child after a DNA test confirmed his paternity.
  6. In 2009, Boris married Sharley Kerstenberg, another model. Following that, they had a child before separating in 2018.

In 2019, Becker Was Said to Be Dating Another Model.

After You Have Played, Consider These Options:

Becker started Volkl Inc. in the year 2000. The company produces both clothing and tennis rackets.

He went on to publish an autobiography and serve on the advisory boards of a number of sports organisations, including the German Tennis Federation and Bayern Munich football club.
He also rose to prominence as a poker player, winning multiple tournaments.

Punishment and Bankruptcy

In 2017, Becker filed for bankruptcy after being ordered to do so by a British judge. In October 2015, Becker was served with a judgement for debt.

  1. Other than remarking that it is substantial, Becker’s debt was not published, but other reports stated that it was $14 million.
  2. His business advisor, Hand-Dieter Cleven, stated that he was owed $41 million.
  3. Becker argued that he was capable of making the payment. Unfortunately, Becker has encountered financial troubles previously.
  4. According to reports, he was required to pay millions to his first wife Barbara and a Russian beauty named Angela Ermakova, who gave birth to his child in 1999 during a rendezvous at a London nightclub.
  5. Boris stunned the world in June 2018 when he stated that he has diplomatic immunity from any lawsuits due to his Central African Republic ambassador post (CAR).
  6. Later, it was determined that Becker’s CAR passport was part of a stolen batch, proving that the assertion was untrue.
  7. Boris Becker was accused of delaying the return of his Wimbledon trophies in 2020 while declaring bankruptcy and selling off his assets.
  8. Becker was charged with criminal offences for breaking the terms of his bankruptcy and neglecting to reveal his assets.
  9. When he entered a plea of not guilty, all of the charges against him were dropped. During this time, he was also accused of concealing more than one million pounds by transferring funds between various bank accounts.
  10. Becker’s collection of sports memorabilia was finally auctioned for $860,000 to help him pay off his debts.
  11. Becker’s bankruptcy restrictions were prolonged until 2031 when it was discovered that he had allegedly concealed assets and transactions totaling 4.5 million pounds.


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The Tennis Legend Boris Becker Lost $68 Million

At the height of his career, Boris Becker earned six Grand Slam titles, three Wimbledon wins, a trophy cabinet full of trophies, and $68 million in prize money and sponsorship deals.

  1. The 54-year-old was sentenced to two and a half years in prison after being found guilty of four insolvency charges relating to his 2017 bankruptcy.
  2. He was accused of hiding assets worth millions of dollars, including two Wimbledon trophies, to avoid paying his debts, as reported by The Sun.
  3. Since his imprisonment, the story of how he lost his fortune has become public.
  4. When the strain became too intense, individuals developed secret addictions.
  5. Becker, who was born in West Germany, rose to notoriety in 1985 when, at the age of 17, he won the men’s singles title at Wimbledon.
  6. From that vantage point, the teenage tennis champion looked to have only one option: to advance.

Won Two More Wimbledon Championships

  1. He won two more Wimbledon championships in 1986 and 1989, as well as the US Open in 1989 and the Australian Open in 1991 and 1996.
  2. Becker’s behaviour occasionally received criticism, and he had several emotional outbursts on the court, despite his obvious genius.
  3. At the 1987 Australian Open, he lost his temper, spat at the umpire, and smashed his racket.
  4. Becker claimed at the time, “I couldn’t serve or return, and I started to lose my composure.”
  5. Then I began receiving terrible phone calls. It drove me completely mad.
  6. As a result of the stress, he developed an addiction to sleeping pills, which led to a battle with
  7. alcohol as he drank whiskey to “strengthen” the effects.
  8. In his autobiography, he wrote, “I wanted to be right back on top, to win again, and I was willing to pay any price to do it.”

The Wild Love Life Was Out of Control.

  1. Becker’s turbulent romantic relationships attracted the most media attention away from the court.
  2. Despite his fame and talent, the actor appeared completely surprised by his success with the opposite sex.
  3. 3.5 million dollars An expensive divorce and a lovechild
    Financial devastation
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