Bob Menery Net Worth: Does He Do the Buffalo Wild Wings Commercial?


Bob Menery is a podcaster, comedian, YouTuber, blogger, and social media star from Boston, Massachusetts, who is worth $5 million.

He is one of the best content creators in the country, and his unique way of hosting different podcasts has helped him get a lot of attention. He started his career by making a YouTube channel called “Menery,” where he posts hilarious videos of pranks and roasts.

Now, four years after a viral video completely changed his life, Bob is the host of one of the most popular podcasts in the world. But in a strange turn of events, he will have to do that all over again now that he has been kicked out of the Nelk Boys, the group he used to be a part of.

Bob Menery Early Life

Bob Menery was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, on June 10, 1987. He has a sister named Heather Menery and a brother named Mark. He is the youngest of the three.

When Bob was still young, his family moved to North Andover. He went to ST. Michael’s Catholic School for the next nine years, where he would sometimes run into one of the nuns who taught him.

Bob Menery Net Worth

While he was in school, he became interested in sports and started playing games. He also became very passionate about a New England sports team.

Bob Menery Early Career

Around this time in his life, Bob turned down the volume on his TV during games and started practicing sportscasting calls with his best friends. Bob wanted to be an actor, so he went to the New York Film Academy after high school because he was interested in the arts. However, that didn’t work out for him.

So Bob went back home to get his thoughts together and didn’t give up on his dreams. Then, with a slightly better plan, he chose to move to Los Angeles. At that point, he was ready to do other things he loved, like comedy.

He also had another skill: he could play golf perfectly and knew his way around 18 holes. Then, Bob applied to the Wilshire County Club, which is a high-end golf club. He got the job and caddied for the famous people who went to the club.

This gave Bob a huge network to work with. Bob also got to go to events with famous people, which helped him start making up jokes and networking as much as he could. So, things were slowly getting better, but then everything went wrong again.

Bob was living with a friend in a small apartment, but when that friend decided to move to Texas, Bob found himself without a place to live. Because of this, Bob moved into his car.

Bob Menery Breakthrough

When Bob’s friend Constantino, a YouTube musician, needed an extra for a video shoot, he called him. This was a big moment in his career. After the shoot, there was a party, and Bob ended up sitting next to David Justin there.

Bob started his Sunday night football story while he was sitting next to David. David took out his phone and recorded it, and within a few days, it was all over the internet. After this, things started to happen very quickly.


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Bob sold this clip to Story Full for about $500, and the video went viral on social media. Not long after that, many famous people and athletes began to follow Bob on social media. So he started talking to them to see how far some of those relationships could go.

One of these people was NFL All-Pro Richard Sherman, who put Bob in touch with his first manager, which led to Bob’s Buffalo Wild Wings commercial. Bob was able to get to know the Nelk Boys, who were popular on YouTube at the time, and join the group.

Having to do with them Bob started the podcast Full Send, which had guests like Dana White, Tory Lanez, and Shaquille O’Neal in its first few weeks. Bob also got Donald Trump, who used to be president of the United States.

But that video was taken down less than 24 hours after it was posted. From then on, things got worse for Bob, and he was eventually kicked out of the Nelk Boys Collective.

Bob Menery Net Worth

By 2022, it is thought that Bob Menery’s net worth will be around $5 million. He is a rising podcaster on the internet and went through a very hard time in his life. Most of his money comes from social media like his YouTube channel, brand endorsements, and his line of merchandise.

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Bob sells hoodies, t-shirts, and several other items through his clothing line. He also makes a pretty good amount of money from the stand-up acts he does. Bob Menery brings in more than $300,000 a year.

Who Is Bob Menery Dating?

Katie Kearney was Bob Menery’s girlfriend.

Bob Menery Net Worth

She was a golf and travel editor who wrote about the best golf courses, resorts, and places to go. In March 2019, they broke up.


What is Bob Menery Famous for?

Bob Menery is known as “the man with the golden voice.” He is the voice of Buffalo Wild Wings, the host of the ZAPPED podcast, and an Instagram star. Most people know him for his funny sportscasting videos, which include fake play-by-plays and other funny videos.

Did Bob Menery Get Cancelled?

In a change for the Nelk Boys, Bob Menery was fired from the Full send podcast and taken off the list of YouTube hosts. CELEB found out that Bob Menery was fired from the Nelk Boys’ Full send Podcast, which is where they talk about pranks, cranks, and having fun on YouTube.

Does Bob Menery Do the Buffalo Wild Wings Commercial?

In the last 30 days, Bob Menery’s commercials have been shown 15,087 times. Bob Menery is on Facebook and Twitter, so you can talk to him there. TV commercial for Buffalo Wild Wings’ All-American Cheeseburger: “Ditch the Veggies.” Have a Burger.

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