Best New Movies on Hulu: What Is on Hulu Right Now?

Hulu had some rocky periods in its early days, but it’s quietly become a key streaming player. While Netflix remains the leader, and Amazon automatically enrols you since you have a Prime membership, you should give Hulu a try. The streaming service isn’t just accumulating outstanding TV shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and Castle Rock; it also has a shockingly large selection of movies.

So, if nothing on Netflix or Amazon piques your interest, or if you simply want to get the most out of your subscription, take a look at some of the top movies now available on Hulu.


When it comes to movies about dating in today’s modern-day, there aren’t many that veer as far off the beaten path as Fresh does. In the first film that Mimi Cave has ever directed, we watch Daisy Edgar-Jones’ character, Nora, who has a difficult time with online dating, but she eventually has a delightful meet-cute at a supermarket with the handsome and charming Steve (Sebastian Stan).

When Steve’s true colors are revealed, however, what first seemed like the makings of a romantic comedy rapidly takes a turn for the worse. Not only is he a guy who met a girl in the produce aisle, but he is also a procurer of the meat that is considered to be the most scandalous of all meats: human meat.

Stan is unexpectedly entertaining to watch in his role as a cannibal who kidnaps women, keeps them alive as he harvests everything from their breasts to a leg, and then eats them. If you and your date are looking for something a little bit different for a movie to watch on a date night, give Fresh a shot, but save the meal for after the movie.

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Nightmare Alley

The rougher edges of William Lindsay Gresham’s novel Nightmare Alley, which had been published the year before, were rounded off in Edmund Goulding’s 1947 adaptation of the story, which was issued under the title Nightmare Alley.

That is most emphatically not the case with the adaption created by Guillermo del Toro, which is a grim, dreary, and frequently unsettling look at life in a traveling carnival. Stan Carlisle, played by Cooper, transfers from the circus to his own clairvoyant act, which leads to greed, fraud, and falsehoods that could lead to his collapse.

Cooper offers a dominating portrayal as Carlisle, bringing the character to life. Del Toro has assembled an outstanding cast for his film Nightmare Alley, and the atmosphere is dark and full of foreboding. Del Toro’s work is all about revealing the demons that lurk within ordinary people, and in Nightmare Alley, those creatures are possibly more eerie than they have ever been before. The name of Ross Bonaime

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