Best Black Friday Video Game Deals 2022: Gamestop, Humble, And More


This year, gaming bargains are coming for your pocketbook whether you play on a console, a PC, or while on the go. Black Friday is typically the ideal opportunity to purchase games you’ve missed during the year, just like it is every year.


Pokemon Legends, Stray, Horizon: Forbidden West, and Elden Ring are the games that have dominated our playtime since their releases in 2022. Smaller games like Cult of Lamb, Tunic, and Neon White, however, have left a lasting influence on the gaming industry as a whole.


If you’re looking for a certain item, there’s probably a store out there with a tempting deal because there are so many to select from.

Deals On Video Games On Black Friday From Sony, Microsoft, And Nintendo

We’ve put our predictions for the top three on separate sites if you want to see what they’re up to this year. You won’t need to search through the plethora of offers we’ve found if you’re simply interested in your favorite console.

On Xbox, we anticipate significant discounts on the games, while the PlayStation portfolio may experience a comparable impact. Nintendo’s first-party options may not have had their prices reduced significantly, but you can bet that the hundreds of games that are spread out around the eShop and other stores will receive far bigger reductions.

Expected Humble Bundle Sales On Black Friday


The kind of retailer that will be bringing the heat this Black Friday in terms of offers is Humble Bundle. Humble has consistently offered some of the best discounts, including exclusive RPG, FPS, and other bargains.


They carry games on Linux, Mac, and Switch as well, so you are not limited to the standard PC experience.


On their subscription service, Humble Choice, we don’t anticipate seeing a lot of sales. There was only a temporary agreement in 2021, but it was a big one. An entire year at 45% discount. You can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll highlight that offer on this page if it happens again.

Deals Expected At GameStop On Black Friday


Like any other physical retailer, GameStop offers a variety of discounts that you can bank on. We have yet to determine whether these offers will be superior to those found online.


However, we anticipate seeing a ton of Xbox One, PS4, and Switch games receive price reductions. Physical games for the PS5 and Xbox Series X will start to take up more space as the current generation (already three years old) starts to ramp up even more.


Additionally, GameStop will be offering discounts on a variety of extras and accessories, including Funkos, figures, and other products.



GameFly is still around in what we can only guess is a bargain with the devil. We’re not concentrating on GameFly’s enormous library of rental games because it also has a fantastic selection of new and used games that are constantly on sale.


This Black Friday, GameFly should have a respectable selection of titles on sale, and their used lineup gives us an idea of how low they’re willing to slash prices, even in September. For instance, Elden Ring is currently $35.


We are unsure if they will offer any discounts on subscriptions or rentals, but we will make sure to look out for any errant discounts.

Deals For Call Of Duty On Black Friday


When it comes to Black Friday, it’s unlikely that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will receive much of a discount. The game is scheduled to release in October. We may anticipate that a title this well-liked would be coupled with consoles or even additional peripherals to make a deal.


We’ll be sure to incorporate any information about Modern Warfare 2 that we come across. In the meantime, Microsoft recently offered steep discounts on their online store for the previous lineup of Call of Duty games from the Xbox 360/PS3 era. You can catch a glimpse of something similar on PSN as well.


Keep an eye out for any suitable Intel chips and laptops that might come with a copy of Modern Warfare 2 if you’re looking for a decent deal on a laptop or similar item.

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