BeReal App: How to Use the BeReal App: Getting Started

If you haven’t heard about this app from your pals yet, there’s a good chance you will soon. I also learned about it through a friend before deciding to investigate it. It later revealed itself to be absolutely unique and remarkable. Therefore, I’m writing about it here to inform all readers.

BeReal is not like other social networking platforms where you can publish anything, regardless of its veracity. Instead, this app just permits you to remain authentic. Every day, users must share an unedited peek at their lives on this app.

This tutorial provides comprehensive information about the BeReal app as well as instructions on how to use it.

What is BeReal’s mobile app?

BeReal is a new social networking programme, compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, that is gaining popularity rapidly among Generation Z. This software is precisely what its name says; you must be authentic on the site and not live your Instagram or other social networking app online persona.

It enables individuals to be the true version of themselves online. French software designer Alexis Barreyat designed the BeReal application. This application debuted in 2020. As a result of the pandemic, though, it is becoming increasingly well-known as it spreads across the Internet.

Since the beginning of this year, Social Media Today reports that downloads of the BeReal app have increased by an astounding 315%. It is the fourth most downloaded social media app on the Apple App Store in 2022, surpassed only by Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

BeReal, according to the app store description, “encourages users to finally show their friends who they are by removing filters and possibilities to stage, overthink, or manipulate images.”

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How Does the BeReal Application Operate?

The BeReal application encourages users to snap a photo within two minutes and publish it every day. It will concurrently capture images from the front and rear cameras to document your life. The prompts emerge at random and are not scheduled.

This leaves consumers little time to fix anything and forces them to simply share the truth. These images are referred to as “BeReals,” much like Snapchat’s “Snaps.” You may also retake them, but the application will inform your friends of the number of times you did so.

BeReal App

You must also include an explanation if you decide not to upload the photo after clicking it or if you delete it. Your friends will likewise receive an alert when the two-minute timer expires.

Additionally, the BeReal app allows you to respond to your friends’ BeReals with RealMojis. These are not the standard emoticons, but rather your own image displaying an emotion. You must capture and utilise it within the app. Your RealMojis will be displayed at the end of your post.

Remember that you can only post one BeReal each day, no more. However, Snapchat has neither streaks nor scores. If you choose not to upload a BeReal on a certain day, you will be unable to read your friends’ BeReals.

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How to Use the BeReal App: Getting Started

The BeReal app is rather uncomplicated and easy to use. Users are however accustomed to utilising apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Therefore, individuals may have some confusion when beginning to utilise this app.

Follow these steps to begin using the BeReal app and see how it operates:

  1. Install the application on your smartphone and register for an account. This application is compatible with both Android and iOS.
  2. To create an account, provide your phone number, full name, birthday, and username.
  3. Enter the verification code to confirm your telephone number.
  4. After creating an account and logging in, you can add contacts from your contact list. If you do not want the app to access your contacts, you may also click “Don’t Allow.”
  5. The BeReal app will then prompt you to snap a photo. You must snap two photographs using the rear and front cameras within two minutes.
  6. Next, write a caption and adjust the photo’s privacy settings, and then hit the “Send” button.
  7. In the Discovery section, you may also view BeReals from other users and respond to them using RealMojis.
  8. You can also delete a BeReal that you have posted if you don’t like it. However, you can delete only one photo every day. Simply click on the image and select Delete my BeReal. You will be required to choose a reason before proceeding.
  9. BeReal also includes a map similar to Snapchat that displays your friends’ current locations.
  10. However, this feature is optional, exactly like Snapchat.
  11. These are the fundamentals of the BeReal application. Now let’s examine how the app differs from other social media applications.

What distinguishes BeReal App from other social media platforms?

BeReal is a photo-sharing social networking programme that eliminates the gloss and glitz associated with conventional platforms. This application requires users to post a daily, uncensored account of their lives. You can only share one photo of your real-time activity.

There are no filters or effects accessible, and there is no time to tweak the image. After taking a photo, a two-minute timer will begin, and you must post it before it expires. Your image will be distributed to your friends. By making your account public, you may also share it with everyone.

BeReal App

If you choose not to upload an image, you must select a reason from the available alternatives. In addition, if you are late in sharing your daily unfiltered glance, your pals will receive a notification that may be somewhat humiliating.

On traditional social media platforms, you see people with lighter and clearer complexion, sharper jawlines, and no fat, as well as other implausible characteristics. Additionally, you observe them on vacation consuming costly cuisine in a luxurious setting. This is all unavailable on BeReal. This app’s users must be genuine.

Is BeReal App Genuine and Safe to Use?

Yes, BeReal is an Android and iOS application that is safe and authentic. It is designed for users who are at least 13 years old. There is no requirement to obtain likes, views, or followers, unlike other social media networks. Users cannot text one another.

  • This renders it more secure than Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. However, there are a few factors that raise questions:
  • This application has GeoLocation enabled by default. This could compromise your location if a security flaw exists.
  • In the next step of account creation, the software prompts you to browse your contacts. Alternatively, you may decline the permission.
  • The time constraint of two minutes may induce anxiety in some individuals. The fact that the app notifies your contacts when you retake photos or publish them late may cause users to prioritise it above other, more essential aspects of their lives.
  • As the device’s front and rear cameras capture candid images, users may inadvertently divulge an excessive amount of personal information.

Other than these variables, there is no cause for concern when utilising the BeReal app. It should still be used with caution. To remain safe, Safer Schools advises individuals not to submit too many personal details on the app.

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Does BeReal App Deserve a Trial?

Yes, I believe it is worthwhile to use the BeReal app if Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are causing you to feel nervous or FOMO. This application will inform you that others are also living normal lives. They also have responsibilities and tasks to accomplish.

Everyone has flaws, and no one lives a nearly flawless existence. This may enhance your sense of self-worth. Additionally, the app allows you to visit your former acquaintances in real life and know what they are doing.

There is no requirement for interaction. As in the early days of the Internet, users could only observe one another living their lives. If you have not yet used the app, you must do so immediately.

In the comments box, please share your experience and thoughts about the BeReal app.

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