Barry Weiss Net Worth: Where Does Barry Weiss Get His Money?

When Barry Weiss, better known as “The Collector” from the popular A&E TV series “Storage Wars,” first appeared on the show in 2010, he was an instant fan favorite. It follows bids and potential buyers of abandoned storage lockers as they compete for big-ticket things at competitive auctions in the series starring Dave Hester, Darrell Sheets, Brandi Passante, and Jarrod Schultz.

There have been several scandals and controversies involving the original cast of “Storage Wars” since the beginning of the show. Even though Weiss is a fan favorite, he only participated in the show for four seasons from 2010 to 2013 and had a brief stint with two spin-off shows, but he’s been relatively quiet since his departure from the cast.

Barry Weiss Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $10 million, Weiss, who is beloved by fans for his eccentric attitude and peculiar taste in antique artifacts, has no need to worry about his financial security now that he is a popular reality TV star.

Early Life

On this day in 1959, Weiss was born. Joe Weiss is his only sibling. It was a blessing for the two brothers to inherit Northern Produce from their grandfather. Joe and Barry Weiss would take over Northern Produce from their grandfather and run the business together. Barry and Joe sold the company after 25 years of success. Both of them were able to retire comfortably after the sale of their business.

Barry fell in love with traveling once he retired from the produce industry. Traveling to far-flung locales was one of his favorite pastimes. As soon as he returned from his global travels, he set out to rediscover his passion for collecting antiques. As far as Weiss is concerned, it wasn’t until “Storage Wars” debuted that he established a household name as an antique enthusiast.

Personal Life

Aside from his incredible automotive collection (which is reputedly worth over $500,000), Barry is also known for arriving at each auction in a brand new vehicle. His most well-known automobile is Custom Cowboy Cadillac, which has appeared on numerous episodes of “Storage Wars.”

Following a motorcycle accident in April of this year, Weiss was taken to the hospital, where he underwent various procedures before being released from the hospital about two months later. While recuperating from the accident, he continued to work as a voiceover artist for Sherwood Valley Casino, where he had landed a job as a spokesperson.

Barry Weiss Net Worth

Barry is divorced and has two adult children, Julie and Jack, whom he raised on his own. He is the godfather of Jesse James, the host of the reality television show “Monster Garage” who was formerly married to Sandra Bullock and is the godfather of Jesse James’ son, Jesse James Jr.


Weiss and his brother built a successful business in the produce industry before becoming reality television stars. He worked for more than 25 years creating a wholesale vegetable business before retiring to pursue his passion for storage hunting full-time. Barry was eventually able to retire and spend several years touring the world because of the success of his firm.

Having grown tired of going to exotic locations, Weiss went home and began using his multimillion-dollar fortune to indulge his interest in antiques and collectibles, which he continues to do today. Barry has stated that he did not earn as much money as his “Storage Wars” co-stars as they did as a result of the fact that he ended up keeping the majority of the stuff they won.

Described as a “Robert Evans meets Jack Nicholson type” on the A&E website, Weiss distinguished himself on the show with one-liners that were clever and sarcastic, and he was known for taking an “anything goes” approach to storage auctions. For example, Barry has been known to bring psychics to storage auctions in order to assist him in determining the value of the contents of a unit.

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His other strategies include using night-vision goggles, a remote-controlled helicopter, and even a little human on stilts to gain an advantage in the bidding process. His extensive knowledge of antiques from all centuries is the result of his many years working in the field of antiques and storage auctions. Weiss has an outstanding range of knowledge that includes antiques from all eras.

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Barry’s connection with Thom Beers, the narrator and executive producer of “Storage Wars,” resulted in his getting cast as a character on the television show. Upon leaving the show at the end of season four, Weiss went on to star in the spinoff series “Barry’d Treasure,” which aired for eight episodes and followed Weiss as he traveled around the country in quest of rare valuable and antique items.

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Real Estate

A $1.8 million estate in Beverly Hills’ prestigious Laughlin Park area is home to Weiss and his wife, Lisa. The property, which has four bedrooms, was constructed in 1928.

Where Does Barry Weiss Get His Money?

Prior to becoming a TV star, Weiss and his brother made a fortune in the produce business. He spent more than 25 years creating a wholesale vegetable business, then retired to focus on storage hunting. The firm eventually offered Barry enough money to retire and spend several years exploring the world.

What Is Barry Weiss’ Net Worth?

Barry Weiss Net Worth

It is estimated that Barry Weiss has a net worth of $10 million. He is a reality television personality and professional storage-treasure hunter from the United States. This Barry Weiss, not to be mistaken with the music producer of the same name or the reporter with a very similar name, rose to fame as the quirky star of A&E’s smash-hit reality series “Storage Wars,” which he appeared in 2010 to 2013 and then again in 2021, according to his biography.

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