Bam Margera Death: Bam Margera Family And Relationships!

Bam Margera Death: Bam Margera’s confirmation that he was pronounced dead after suffering five seizures during Covid 19 sparked internet death rumors.

Margera is well-known as one of the stars of the MTV reality stunt series Jackass and its successors. Additionally, the 43-year-old launched Jackass spin-offs including Viva La Bam, Bam’s World Domination, Bam’s Bad Ass Game Show, and Bam’s Unholy Union. Margera is also a film director, having directed Haggard and Minghags.

Death of Bam Margera: Is He Dead Or Alive?

Since February 2023, speculations of Bam Margera’s demise are incorrect, as the Jackass actor is still alive and kicking. Margera disclosed that he was declared deceased last year after suffering from Covid-19.

According to TMZ, the 43-year-old was hospitalized in early December 2022 due to a severe attack of pneumonia. In the hospital, he tested positive for COVID-19, which complicated his pneumonia.

Since then, the Jackass star has been placed on a ventilator and treated in the intensive care unit. To further complicate matters, Margera reportedly suffered five seizures during this time, leading physicians to declare him dead once.

He recovered from his ailment once his condition stabilised. Bam was regularly in and out of rehab in 2022 as he completed a one-year alcohol and drug abuse treatment programme.

Bam chatted with his Jackass colleague Steve-O on an episode of his “Wild Ride” podcast from earlier in 2023.


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This week’s episode revealed that the two friends discussed Margera’s health crisis in December 2022.

Margera recalled that he was declared dead on December 8 and that he experienced four seizures lasting between 10 and 20 minutes.

During his fourth seizure, he bit his tongue so hard that “it was on the verge of falling out.” It became so huge that he could no longer fit it in his mouth.

He contracted pneumonia from ingesting the contaminated blood. After his fifth seizure, Bam was unable to breathe without a tube inserted into his throat.

When he awoke, the Jackass star believed he had only been unconscious for a few hours, but he had actually been unconscious for five days.

Margera informed Steve-O that he had spent eight days in the hospital. The 43-year-old has thankfully recovered and is now healthy.

Bam Margera Death


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Bam Margera Family And Relationships

Brandon Cole “Bam” Margera was born on September 28, 1979 to April and Phil Margera. April has appeared in multiple episodes of Jackass and is frequently referred to as everyone’s mother.

Similarly, Phil has appeared in Viva La Bam, Minghags, Haggard, and multiple episodes of Jackass.

Phil was also featured on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, where he lost 41 pounds, dropping from 353 to 313 pounds.Jess Margera, Bam’s older brother, is the drummer for the American rock band CKY.


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Additionally, his late uncle Vincent “Don Vito” Margera appeared in multiple episodes of Jackass and Minghags.

Bam Margera is married to Nicole Boyd, and they have a son together. On October 5, 2013, they were married in Reykjavik, Iceland.

In September 2017, it was reported that Boyd fell pregnant with Bam’s child, who was named Phoenix Wolf and born on December 23, 2017.

Prior to his marriage to Nicole Boyd, Margera was in several relationships. He has been dating Jennifer Rivell since 1998, when they became engaged. Nevertheless, they split up in 2005.

In 2007, Bam married his childhood friend Missy Rothstein in a chaotic ceremony attended by his Jackass friends in downtown Philadelphia.

The pair honeymooned in Dubai and remained together until 2012 when they decided to separate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Years Has Bam Been Sober?

Margera stated on May 17, 2022, that he has completed one year of sober therapy.

Are Bam and Johnny Knoxville Still Friends?

Though the Reboot star hasn’t spoken to Margera since the latter filed (and finally withdrew) a wrongful termination case against him last year, he told Variety that he loves Margera and wants him to get well as he continues to pursue substance abuse treatment.

What Contributed to Bam Margera’s Fame?

Brandon Cole “Bam” Margera, who was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania on September 28, 1979, is well-known as a skateboarder, daredevil, and television and radio personality. He produced several videos for the CKY. He gained popular after joining the Jackass group on MTV.


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