B- Project Season 3 Release Date: Is It Renewed or Cancelled for Season 3?


B- Project Season 3 Release Date-Emotion despite the fact that it ended on a suspenseful note that left them wanting more. Since then, those who follow the show have been looking forward to the release of B-Project Season 3. This show is considered to be among the best of its kind in both the shoujo and the music genres. In addition to the excellent music, it also features a compelling narrative that is fraught with dramatic tension. When exactly will the show’s devoted audience be able to catch the third and final season of it? The most recent information is included here.

A Japanese shoujo music anime television series called B-Project is a component of a larger cross-media project that was created by Mages. This project initially consisted of many song previews, but it has since expanded to include anime, comics, music CDs, related items, and a great deal of other content as well. On July 3, 2016, the first episode of this anime series made its debut for the first time. It aired for a total of twelve episodes, the same number as comprised the show’s second season, which premiered on January 12, 2019.

B-Project Season 3: Renewal Status

Two distinct animation studios were responsible for the production of the first two seasons of the anime series. Bandai Namco Pictures was given the task of animating the show’s second season, whereas A-1 Pictures was responsible for the show’s first season. A favourable reaction was expressed toward each of them. MyAnimeList awarded the second season with a score of 6.72 out of 10 after it was a bit more successful than the first season. As a direct consequence of this, the multimedia franchise has decided to go ahead and order B-Project Season 3 of the television show.

B- Project Season 3 Release Date

During the B-Project Thrive Live 2020: Music Drugger stage event, the original character designer for the series, Utako Yukihiro, shared this piece of information with the audience. During the occasion, he merely announced the debut of the third season and did not disclose any information regarding this upcoming episode.

The Original Video Game Released With in the Series

The franchise made the announcement regarding its very first console video game during the same event. This video game will be referred to as B-Project: Ryuusei*Fantasia when it is released, and it will be playable on the Nintendo Switch. They went so far as to produce a promotional video for this game in which all of the most important characters from the anime appeared. The introduction of not just one but several new projects was made available to the audience members who attended the B-Project Thrive Live 2020: Music Drugger stage event.

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Release Date for the Third Season of B-project

As was just indicated, Yukihiro was only able to confirm the renewal of the anime series for its third season during the announcement that took place. Aside from that, he did not disclose a single additional piece of information. It has already been ten months after this announcement, which means that production on the third season should already be underway at this point. Therefore, in the event that all goes according to plan during production, followers of this musical idol drama can anticipate that B-Project Season 3 will premiere by the end of 2022.

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