Ayan Chanel Net Worth: Where Can the Real Housewives of Dubai Be Viewed Online?

The Real Housewives of Dubai teaser presented viewers with their first glimpse of Bravo newcomer Chanel Ayan. Chanel, Dubai’s first black supermodel, will openly display the life she has built for herself over the past 18 years in the wealthy city during the first season of the franchise’s first international incarnation, allowing viewers to get to know Chanel.

Here are the essential facts about Chanel Ayan, one of the newest Bravolebrities.

Who is the Ayan Chanel?

Chanel Ayan, whose true name is Pillot Ayan, is a well-known model in Africa and the Middle East. Ayan is also her mother’s maiden name. People reports that Chanel is the first African-American supermodel to grace the cover of a magazine published in Dubai. She has also been featured in various other international editions of Vogue.


Chanel is of Ethiopian and Somali heritage, however she was born in Kenya and nurtured there. She told Cosmopolitan that she moved to Brazil to seek a modelling career when she was 18 years old. Currently, she oversees the talent agency and cosmetics line AYAN Beauty by Toni Malt Makeup. Since 1998, Chanel and her family, including her husband, about whom more will be spoken later, have made Dubai home.

She does not resemble a typical fashion model. Chanel stated in a video for the show’s promotion, “I am the first Black supermodel in Dubai.” “I am the first person from my town or generation to accomplish something of this magnitude. Really I feel so proud!”

Does She Conduct Ad Campaigns?

Chanel has appeared in various advertising campaigns throughout her career, including those for Chanel, Tiffany, Cartier, Valentino, and Dolce & Gabbana. As their poster lady, she also symbolises the Swiss luxury watches Piaget.

If one chooses a profession in modelling or the cosmetics sector, or if one is the chief executive officer of a talent agency, a large compensation could be anticipated. Chanel asserts that she is the first Black supermodel to walk the runway in Dubai in a promotional film for the event.

She has also had multiple appearances on television, the most prominent being as a competitor on Real Housewives of Dubai.

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Net Worth of Ayan Chanel

Chanel has a net worth of roughly $2 million, according to thesun. The main factor to her financial success is her work as a model. She has never expressed a desire to become a model and has never shown any interest in doing so.

Being a Black woman in a profession that is dominated by Whites on the global stage was challenging, but her dedication and elegance helped tilt the scales in her favour, and luck could only provide her a home.

Whom Does She Marry?

In Brazil, Chanel Ayan met Luca Slaves while she was just beginning her modelling career. In the cinema and television industry, Luca is a prominent artist and model. The famous model has been married for nearly 20 years to the man she met when she was 17 years old.

After falling in love, Ayan and her spouse wed and moved to the United States and subsequently the United Arab Emirates. Taj was the sole offspring of their union. In the footsteps of his parents, 14-year-old Taj has begun modelling, with Chanel publishing his first images in Vogue Arabia.

What is Her Favorite Aspect of “Real Housewives of Dubai”?

Chanel considers all the women on Real Housewives of Dubai “too glamorous…too funny…too outgoing…too theatrical.” She also explained that they are all mothers, and that the group will “reveal their lives.”

“In different ways, we are all literally wonderful women. Thus, you get to witness all of this from us, as we are quite transparent. I believe this is our greatest asset. She stated, “We are really proud of our lives.”

Chanel also guaranteed that her signature candour and deadpan humour would be on full show for her loving audience.

“They will see all of these things about me,” she explained. “America and the world, prepare yourselves. Ayan is coming. I guarantee my arrival. I will demonstrate how stunning a Black woman can look.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is She Currently Active on Social Media?

Chanel Ayan, whose Instagram handle is @chanelayan, has over 193,000 followers and the platform has confirmed her account. On Twitter, she is accessible through the account @chanelayan.

Where Can the Real Housewives of Dubai Be Viewed Online?

Every Wednesday night on Bravo, new episodes of The Real Housewives of Dubai premiere.

Where Did She Get Her Start?

Before relocating to Brazil at the age of seventeen, she began her career in Sweden as a commercial actress.

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