Audio Giant Spotify Launch their New App Spotify Greenroom


In March, Spotify announced the acquisition of the company behind the sports audio app LockerRoom to accelerate its entry into the live audio market. The company today agreed to launch Spotify Greenroom, a new mobile app that allows Spotify users around the world to attend or host live audio events and turn conversations into podcasts.

It will also announce the creation of the Creators Fund to help improve content for new apps in the future. The Spotify Greenroom app itself is based on the existing dressing room code. According to Spotify, current locker room users will get a redesigned Greenroom experience with an updated app update.

Where the red, white, and orange color scheme is used in the dressing room, the new Greenroom application looks a lot like a fork of Spotify because it uses the same color palette, fonts, and icons. People can use their current Spotify account information. They will then be guided through an onboarding experience designed to connect them with their interests.

As for the feature set of Spotify Greenroom, it is largely comparable to other live audio products, including products from Clubhouse, Twitter (Spaces), and Facebook (Live Audio Rooms). The speakers in the room appear as circular outline icons at the top of the screen, while the listeners appear as smaller icons at the bottom of the screen. There are mute options, moderate controls, and the ability to bring listeners to the stage during live audio sessions. The room can accommodate up to 1,000 people, and Spotify hopes to expand this number later.

The process of finding the current sound program depends on the user participating in the application. This is very similar to the costume industry that follows the user’s sports team. However, Green Cream Group is no longer related to sports, so it is now more general. Spotify shows that this plan can find personal skills from time to time. For example, if you live in Greenroom Spotify if you have a podcaster further, you can send notifications to users. Or you can understand whether podcasts and music are captured to make specific recommendations. This is a long-term plan.

Listeners can effectively wow the speaker by adding gems to the app. The dressing room also performs this function. The number of gems that presenters earn during a session is displayed next to their profile picture. Gems have been useless for money until now, but since Greenroom doesn’t offer any form of monetization these days, this seems like an obvious next step. It should be noted that there are some key differences between Spotify Greenroom and similar live sound software. First, it offers a live text chat feature that the host can turn on or off at any time. The host can also request an audio file at the end of the live audio session. You can edit this file to turn it into a podcast episode.

Most importantly, Spotify records live audio sessions. According to the company, this is being used for arbitration and is a problem for live sound platforms. When a user reports something in the Greenroom Sound Room, Spotify can re-investigate the problem and decide what action to take from there. Control is an area where clubs struggle as users face toxicity and abuse in real-time applications, including issues such as racism and misogyny. Recently, the club said that some of the rooms had to be closed due to anti-Semitism and hate speech. (The club said they used the room’s temporary encrypted audio buffer to help investigate incidents while the room was active. This system has been around for months.)

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