Atleast 15 Dead In Lava Flows After Volcano Erupt!!


Officials and survivors said on Sunday that after dark in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, massive lava flooded into the village, killing at least 15 people and destroying more than 500 houses. 

The United Nations agency said on Sunday that the eruption of Nyiragongo volcano on Saturday night caused about 5,000 people to flee the city of Goma near the border with Rwanda, and another 25,000 took refuge in northwestern Sak. 

Unfortunately, more than 170 children are missing. UNICEF officials said they are setting up transfer centers to help unaccompanied children after the disaster. Goma was eventually saved from the large-scale damage suffered during the last volcanic eruption in 2002. Hundreds of people died at that time and more than 100,000 people were left homeless. But in the outer villages closest to the volcano, Sunday was full of pain and uncertainty. When the lava flow reached their village, Aline Bichikwebo and her children managed to escape, but she said that both mother and father died. Community members caused a temporary death toll of 10 people at Bugamba alone, although provincial authorities said that it is still too early to know how many people died. Bichikwebo said he tried to rescue his father, but he was not capable of keeping him safe in front of his family. The house was on fire by lava. She held the baby and said, “I am asking for help because everything we have is gone.” “We don’t even have a pot. Now we are orphans and we have nothing: “Due to the large number of houses destroyed by lava, the air is filled with smoke.” Resident Alumba Sutoye said, people still feel panic and hungry. They don’t even know where to spend the night. In some of the worst-hit communities, residents said that the scale of the evacuation losses in the worst-hit areas has yet to be determined. 

Residents said that there was no warning before the eruption. On Sunday, the eruption emerged from the mountain of lava. The smoke is still rising. The innocent Bahala Shamavu said: “We almost saw the disappearance of the entire community. All houses in the Buhene community were burned down.”

 Elsewhere, witnesses said that lava swallowed the highway connecting Goma and Beni. However, the airport seems to have the same fate as when lava flowed into the runway in 2002. 

The area and the humanitarian agencies of the United Nations peacekeeping missions. Most of the surrounding eastern Congo is threatened by numerous armed groups competing for control of the mineral resources in the area.

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