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Big hints about season 4 of Too Hot to Handle are coming up. Too Hot to Handle’s fourth season was full of beautiful scenery and expensive antics, but it also had a few really sweet love stories.

The best match of the season was between Jawahir Khalifa, a model from Amsterdam who broke rules right away, and Nick Kisci, an artist and yogi from the United States who spent a lot of time in meditation.

Nick liked Jawahir as soon as she walked onto the beach, but the firecracker flirted with a few guys before Nick noticed her. Once they got together, they broke the most rules of the season, second only to Kayla and Seb (opens in new tab). Sayla broke rules that cost her $68,000 in fines, while Nawahir was fined $41,000.

The arrival of Shawn, a model from Florida who caught Jawahir’s eye, was a huge curveball (or “grenade”) in the couple’s journey. The model said right away that she usually runs away from relationships when they get serious.

Are Nick and Jawahir Still Together

When she decided to flirt with Shawn, she fell back into old habits and even slept in his bed one night. Lana finally made Jawahir choose between going out to dinner with Nick or Shawn.

Jawahir chose Nick after some soul-searching. She told him about her fear of being left alone, which made her push him away before he could hurt her.

“I know that I have a real connection with you. When I look at you, I feel something I’ve never felt before… I was trying to get away from you because I’m scared, “she let him know.

After the romantic dinner, Jawahir and Nick competed with the other two couples for the last $89,000 of the $200,000 prize pot.

Jawa and Nick won the season after the other contestants voted. But the question is whether or not their relationship lasted when they went out into the world. What we know so far is in the next section.

Are Nick and Jawahir Still Together?

Reality dating shows have an unspoken rule that viewers have to wait a little while after the finale to find out if the couples are still together. (Shout out to shows like Love Is Blind, where the reunion happens pretty quickly.) Luckily, our favorite contestant who doesn’t follow the rules has broken the norm and agreed that the couples should wait a bit before telling the truth.

Yesterday, Jawahir answered a question from a fan in an Instagram Story “Are you still with each other? I can’t wait any longer; I can’t live this way!” She said, “I promise you all. All of you will soon find out. Don’t give up on us, and enjoy the next great episodes.”

Are Nick and Jawahir Still Together

As for clues, Nick and Jawahir are having trouble following the usual Instagram snooping steps, mostly because Nick doesn’t seem to use Instagram that much. Even though he shares a lot of pretty pictures on the app, he doesn’t follow anyone. But Jawahir does follow him and often likes and comments on his posts and the posts of the other cast members.

Fans of the couple can also hold on to one very big hit. The show was filmed in the early spring of 2022, and it looks like Jawahir and Nick went on a trip as soon as it was over. Both of them posted Instagram photos from a trip to Indonesia in April and May of this year, which is a strong sign that they went together. Early in April, they both posted pictures of themselves standing under a waterfall.

Who is Jawahir Khalifa?

Khalifa was born in 2000, and he lives alone in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is 22 years old. Khalifa uses her chiseled body to her advantage in her work. She works as a fashion model in the city where she lives. “I always tell my friends, ‘Maybe it’s melanin, maybe I was born with it,'” she says about herself on social media.


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Khalifa tried out for Season 12 of “Holland’s Next Top Model” in 2019, but she didn’t make it past ninth place. But the show brought her a lot of attention. Khalifa started modeling when she was 16 years old. She was born in Somalia and moved to the Netherlands when she was young.

Since then, she has worked very hard to succeed in the tough business. She’s worked with fashion companies like Noe and Hunkemoller. Khalifa’s LinkedIn page says that she studied International Business Studies at Koning Willem College.

Who is Nick Kici?

Nick Kici is one of the contestants on season 4 of Too Hot to Handle who is more spiritual. This sensitive artist type has been all over the world and has a cute smile. Nick has been in 10 or more relationships, so he knows what it’s like to be in love. However, he still can’t find the one. This season, Lana might be able to help him change that.


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Nick says in his Instagram bio that he is “a little sunshine and a lot of rain,” which is a catchy phrase. Will he win the whole game this season and go the distance? We’ll soon find out! On December 7, the first five episodes of the fourth season will be available. On December 14, the second half of the season will be available.

If Nick seems like your type, read on to find out more about him and get ready for the new season of Netflix’s most popular reality show.


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