Are Myrla and Gil Still Together? Let’s Find Out More About His Relationship Status!


Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero from season 13 of Married at First Sight were widely regarded as a powerful couple.

What could have gone wrong with a relationship that began so well, pondered both experts and fans after the couple’s unanticipated split?

In an exclusive interview, Myrla eventually revealed more details about what transpired between her and her picture-perfect husband, Gil.

Myrla revealed in her exposé, which can be viewed here, that there was more to the story than initially appeared to the eye or the cameras.

According to Myrla, many of the conversations that ended things with Gil occurred off-camera. She also mentioned that due to editing, some of the things said on camera did not make it into the final product.

When we last saw the couple swooning over each other on Decision Day, they were one of only two couples in the entire season who chose to remain married. Consequently, many viewers were perplexed by their sudden split.

During the MAFS reunion special, Gil revealed that Myrla abruptly ended their relationship and asked him to move out just a few weeks after Decision Day.


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Gil was completely unprepared, and he had no place to live. Gil disclosed on the special that he had terminated his lease and sold nearly all of his belongings. Throughout the show, Myrla remained silent and appeared emotionless while Gil told his version of the story. Even though she disagreed with a number of his opinions, she refused to engage in a “back and forth” with him throughout the special.

Gil wept as he described what had transpired, but Myrla did not elaborate on what may have led to the couple’s separation.

Myrla Has Now Revealed the Truth About What Transpired.

During the course of the season, the couple did not quarrel frequently; however, money was a frequent topic of discussion. Myrla made significantly more money than her new husband, and she had a vastly different perspective on money than Gil. Myrla appreciated the finer things in life, filling her life with exotic travel and expensive shoes, whereas Gil preferred to keep things simple.

Myrla gave the impression during the season that she didn’t mind when Gil called her a “brat” and a “diva,” but in her tell-all interview, she revealed that the nicknames hurt her more than she had previously admitted.

Myrla stated that she did not enjoy the name-calling, and she was quite enraged to discover that he had been engaging in it behind her back with other cast members. She believed she was not a “brat” because she had to work hard to maintain her lifestyle. She believed that Gil’s financial security was inadequate to support her lifestyle and long-term goals.

Myrla also admitted that, despite growing more attracted to Gil over the course of the season, their chemistry never materialised. She continued by stating that she had expressed all of these concerns to Gil after Decision Day, but he did not take them seriously or responded poorly, causing her to feel uneasy in her marriage. She refrained from providing specifics, but she did discuss the finances and how she obtained information about them that was not made available to her during the season.

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Could Gil Be Concealing Debts From You?

Myrla made no further comments. She did, however, add another piece to the puzzle when she stated that rumours that she and co-star Johnny Lam were in a relationship were false and that they were simply good friends.


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She stated that Gil should not be surprised by her and Johnny’s continued friendship because he was aware of their connection.

Even though it appears that all of the specifics of what ended Myrla and Gil’s relationship will remain a mystery, it’s great to finally know what caused their unexpected breakup.

As a result of Myrla and Gil’s separation, the number of couples in season 13 has decreased to 0.5. According to reports, Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel, who had been living together, are still attempting to save their marriage. However, we can look forward to season 14 and a brand-new group of potential spouses. Let’s just hope they have better endings than Gil and Myrla.


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